5D Abilities

Thinking in the Multiverse


Why is it important to think critically?  New Earth is vastly different than the old 3D world, and we need to be open to new perspective.  Caged minds prevent maximization of our potential in the fifth dimension.


Know the difference between critical thought and acceptance of an idea because you think it is “scientific”, or politically correct (thought control), or generally accepted.  Notice labels that you use, like Unscientific, Extremist, Conspiracy Theorist, and other words that the mass media promotes, designed to block thinkers and thinking.   Practice being the Watcher of the Thinker, having no judgment and performing no analysis.  Just observe.  That’s all.  Then you will see where you have accepted ideas and opinions without critical thought.  The Watcher will automatically correct your actions, even your thinking, without effort.

As we develop our intuition, logical thinking will take a less prominent role, but now we need to free our rational minds, in order to accept our new abilities, including intuition. We will develop or may spontaneously exhibit other abilities, like travel to other dimensions and to other lifetimes of our soul, telepathy, energy work, various methods of quantum healing and other quantum work.

It doesn’t have to be woo woo stuff.  Maybe an invention will appear as a picture that you can later figure out, or maybe information will be told to you.  Nikola TeslaTesla was an incarnation of an Elohim, the group of creators of this physical universe.  (Use discernment.)  Information was fed to him.

Notice and acknowledge when you have intuitive knowing.  Like if you feel like you really should pull over to the side of the road for a moment, go ahead and do it.  Don’t worry that you are thinking how crazy it is.  Just pull over, because you just may be avoiding an accident.  It happens.  The first time I strongly had a thought that was not mine, it was “I have to get off this road.  I just have to get off this road.”  It didn’t make sense, so I did not.  Someone rammed into the back of my car.  Feel like you should stay home from work one day?  I mean, in what may seem an eerie way, or you might feel strongly you should not go.  Don’t go.  Have you read the stories of the many people who worked in the Trade Center, but did not go to work on 9/11?  The same phenomenon was common for people who didn’t travel on it, the day the Titanic sank.

I know the degree to which we can cancel out non-rational knowing.  I’m a master of “I don’t know.  I didn’t see nothin’.”  When I work with others, though, I quickly become a “seer”.  Evidently, my subconscious thinks it’s not allowed until it sees others doing it.  Eventually, we’ll discuss other “permission slips” and subconscious beliefs that inhibit our abilities, and how to free ourselves of them.

Hammock in the Hills

Spend time in beauty and in relaxed contemplation. Let your mind and your body relax. That allows higher faculties to work for you.

Keep Your Mind Open

Be Aware

Think for yourself

Listen and Watch for Guidance

 You may receive signs indicating wrong or right paths.  You may even request a sign.  A friend of mind woke one day and thought, “Today I will get my feather.”  She didn’t know what that meant.  It was just a thought.  On her morning walk, she noticed just inside a pasture, a lone hawk feather, against a rock, as if it had been placed there for her notice.  She took it home with her, knowing that it meant that her healing practice and abilities were on target, and that she was supported by the spirit world.

Many people experience visions from other worlds.  They come as visionary scenes, images of spirits.  This is clairvoyence (clear seeing). Voices may be heard (clairaudience).  Spirits may speak.  These may be from any of many different levels.  They  may be actual spirit beings or simply visions or energies in a form that you can receive, are open to receiving.  They appear as light orbs (balls of light).

There was time when I felt that I was just dull compared to my friends who had paranormal abilities.  One morning, before later meeting with them, I had some realization.  Some understanding occurred to me.  I don’t remember what.  It doesn’t matter.  That night, a person whose ability I greatly respected was “seeing” 2-3 spirits speaking to her.  What they told her was exactly the knowledge that I’d gotten that morning.  I was delighted to know that I could do just as well as a psychic, but in a different way.  My experience is called clairomnience (clear knowing) or clairsensience (clear sensing).

All these abilities are a part of what our multidimensional selves can do.  Just like your five 3D senses, they are natural.  There is normally no need to fear them.  Fear keeps your vibrations low, and slows your development.  If you fear, you can ask for protection, and practice imaging (thus, making real) the Pyramid of White Light.

You may feel no interest in developing any of these abilities.  Don’t feel like you need to try.  Just know about them.  You may have future interest, or they may spontaneously befall you.


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  1. s role, before we can begin to elaborate upon the concept of God.

    The survival of the soul through the change called death is on the
    verge of being openly acknowledged by scientists and scholars of academic circles.
    It is said that orange light in the room of the dying helps the awareness-principle to maintain consciousness so that it would not miss the Clear Light
    of the first stage of the bardo.

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