Sylphs, Chemtrails and Orgonite

Today we had tornadoes passing through this area.  Thunder is still rumbling.  I worked with some divine entities and their energies, for mitigation of damages.  So I was thinking about the skies and spirit.  I won’t inundate you with talk about spirit.  Many of you are not into that.  I’ll only touch on one type of nature spirit who are having a big impact on our skies:  the beautiful air spirits, the sylphs.  They are, like all spirit, conscious beings, and very active.  When I first heard people talk of seeing them, I didn’t know what to look for, but after looking at photos, I can spot them.  Aren’t these amazing?

I’m always surprised when people have never heard of chemtrails.  I’m not talking about contrails!  Chemicals sprayed from large military and commercial planes is an unpleasant topic, an example of harm the global power mongers are inflicting upon us, part of global control.  While I’m not going to go into it because I no longer pay much attention to evil, I want my readers to be awake about what’s going on, so you are not sucked in by lies.  Not to fear, nor to dwell on evil that’s happening, if you somehow don’t know what a chemtrail is, please search on YouTube for them.  Please also listen to this Coast to Coast interview:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDF_dAuZXnM.  And look UP.  So they are less detectable, the global Cabal have evolved chemtrails to be more like chemclouds and chemfog, low to the ground like real fog.  We have to be awake in order to know what changes to make in our New Earth.

The beautiful sylphs have been eating the chemtrails.  Please think to thank them.

Since the previous videos speak about orgone, here’s a non-technical explanation of this energy that is so very important to us.  It is also an example of bad “science” holding back real science.  If you are not familiar with the fact that even science is under control, please watch it for that reason, alone.















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