A Method to Get into a Meditative State

meditatingThis is a method for getting into the meditative alpha brain wave state that your body naturally goes into when you relax.  Most of us are not used to letting ourselves relax, so we need a method.  We need practice.  This part is straight from my shaman, Dr. Gregory.  It’s the first method that ever put me into a meditative state.  Why change it?

You think and feel these words.  Take your time at each step.  At first it may take a minute for each step.  Eventually, you do it immediately and don’t need to repeat the thought.  This is very easy to have memorized after a couple of sessions of reading each step.  If you like, use relaxing music, or listen to the wind, the ocean, the birds, or anything calming.  But it’s not necessary.

Sit in the warrior position: Feet flat on floor, back straight, palms down on thighs or knees. Head/chin very slightly raised.

My forehead is a reflection of the clear blue sky.
(visualize and repeat the thought when ready)

My face is a mask of peace.
(feel and repeat the thought)

My hands are lazy.

My legs are lazy.

My spine is the trunk of a tall young tree.

Sip of warm brandy (or hot tea).

Smile of Mona Lisa (or Buddha).

I am united, strong, light.

That ends the method for getting into alpha.  From there, you can visualize anything you like, work with healing, energies, ask to see and speak with your guides, whatever you like.  As we go along, I’ll give you examples.

When finished, simply stand up and go on with your day.  Don’t come out slowly.  You may feel disoriented the first few times, but you’ll get over that.

My meditations will always start with this relaxation.  If you practice this regularly, you will get so you can be in alpha state at the snap of a finger, and function in two states at once.


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