Be More Powerful ~ A Meditation

First, get into the alpha state by following the method in the previous post, A Method to Get into a Meditative State.   Right after the smile, go right into this meditation.

In the following, we deal with God, Goddess and Christ energies; i.e., Light, Life and Love.  These are the highest Forces of the Cosmos, available to all children of The ALL That Is.  We need not a religion nor a priest between us and these Forces.  We need no one’s permission.  These great Forces are ours.  They are what we’re made of.

It is important at each step, to get a good visual, bring the energy into yourself and feel it, before going to the next step.  And remember that thoughts move energy.  If you imagine it, it is real.

Bring energy up from Mother Earth through your feet and out through your head.

Feel that power in you.

It is you.


Bring the energetic Fire of the Universe down through the top of your head and out through your feet.

Feel that power in you.

It is you.


See a Light on the horizon in front of you.  That is God.

Bring that Light energy into yourself.887f2ad0ec5a35e3a2aae0436341887b

Feel that power.

It is you.


See the Goddess above you.

Bring Her energy into you.

It is Life.

Feel its power.

It is you.


See the a star of the Christ energy in front and up at an angle from you.

Bring that Christ energy into you.

It is Love.

Feel its power.

It is you.

Don’t come out slowly. Stand up.  You’re done.  How do you feel?





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