Creating Reality

Imagine How We Can Operate in the Multiverse

pebble wayI’m an analytical and language thinker, but I also think in pictures.  I’ve been developing my pictures of a model for acting in the multiverse.  Remember, this is not about abstract science.  We all already have such pictures in our minds, about our 3D idea of life.  I know you can picture your trip from home to work – pictures “in your head”.  You use pictures to imagine your choices in life.  Now we all have to develop new pictures that help with a new understanding, because we have new and more possibilities—choices of how we’ll be living in our New Earth.pebble pathways

Recall that time is discontinuous, as mentioned in an earlier post:  Cherokee Other Self and the Multiverse.  Billions of times per second, we switch from one moment, one vantage of the ever still NOW, to another.  That’s kind of crazy to think about.  I picture many still-photo possibilities for the next several moments around and near to me.  There’s a picture of me opening the door to a friend; one of me walking under the trees.  The further away from me now, time-wise (I still cannot avoid thinking in terms of time), the further away the picture.  A little ahead, I am at the Transformation Conference in Arkansas in June.  Over yonder I am living the life of the grandma who sees her grandkids every day.

We don’t need the details right now, so instead of pictures, imagine pebbles all around you. Now think of stepping from one pebble to another.  Think of stepping along your current timeline—your current life, one tiny step at a time.  But look.  Very close to you are pebbles whose details show you in a job you’re thrilled about.  You are happy in the pictures on those pebbles.  You see a path of pebbles that could take you from your current timeline to that timeline, to that fulfilling life.

stretch imaginayionImagine you can hop or jump to a pebble pretty far over from where you stand now, over to the side.  All those pebbles over there have many differences from the pebbles next to you.  You see some pebbles whose pictures intrigue you.  You’re not sure how to get over to that area and start living a life there; you’d like more details before venturing it, too.

Now, turn around and look “backwards”.  Still unable to get totally out of our 3D mindset, we think of looking back as looking into our “past”.  This we can do, in past life regression.  Let’s say that we look back and see a path through the pebbles whose pictures show us living a life in the 1700’s, or any kind of past life you think about.  You don’t think you can leap that far back.

HOWEVER, we now recall that “All is logic vs imaginationConsciousness” We don’t have to jump TO anywhere.  It’s all HERE in the ever present NOW.  We only have to learn to train our consciousness, point our awareness, to the pebbles with pictures of a life we want to experience.  Using imagination ONLY, we can get to that first life—the one with the great job.  We can, with a leap of imagination, see details in that more distant lifetime which intrigues us.  And using that imagination, we can train our awareness to that life, and experience it.  Similarly, we can re-experience a past life.  What about a FUTURE life?  Life on another planet.  Why not?!  It’s only imagination.


Okay, that’s today’s small dose.  Spend some time picturing your life pebbles in all directions and finding paths of experience in them.  It’s a little crazy, but it’s not rocket science, and we really ARE going to do it.

There is no end to your consciousness;

all things are glittering like stars

in the firmament of your being.”

~ Paramhansa Yogananda

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