Energetic Clearing

I’m posting this on both blogs today.  It’s about healing, meditation and clearing unwanted energies and situations.

We’ve spoken about energetic changes that are very active at this time.  They are pushing us into 5D life, affecting our physical, social, business and psychological health and connections.  Our “stuff” is cropping up and clearing out.  As an example, I will share what’s been going on with me, and my thinking about it.

7017517bcc82a7feff701f4d4f5e8c3fRecently I began having stiffness in the back of my head, neck, and shoulders.  Too much computer work?  Then, a week or so ago I began feeling pain stabbing into the right side of my head.  The stiffness subsided.  Slight fever and chills began.  I rested and slept more.  I got to feeling better and probably over-did exercising.  The next day, red spots appeared on my neck.  It turns out it is shingles.  I made colloidal silver for oral and topical application.  I had bilberry on hand for neuropathy and just now received my order of grapefruit seed extract, an antiviral.  That takes care of medicines, but why did this happen?  As all metaphysicians know, we make ourselves sick, so we can heal ourselves.  You may not like hearing that, but here’s how it works.

I’ve been working with my highest Self (SC, as we say in QHHT) on eliminating body toxins.  It could be that the chickenpox virus is simply coming out to be eliminated.  However, the Self has the ability to heal anything it wants to, immediately.  That tells me that it doesn’t want to, or it wants to do it in this manner, because I have a lesson to learn.  I’ve been doing energy healings on myself.  Mostly, just settling into the dis-ease, feeling stuck with it—not a helpful feeling.  Last night I listened to the video, below, by “Grandfather” and started his method.  It felt like communication with Spirit happened.  Then, something pinged me into understanding some of my vibrations during the past month.

I had observed this, and shoved it into the Disregard area of my mind.  I have been piling onto myself more than anybody could accomplish for the past month.  I have 50 books I ‘should have’ read by now, writing I ‘should’ have done.  That is my m.o., typical for an engineer.  I had done it to the point of not accomplishing much at all.  Sleeplessness didn’t stop the pressure.  Finally, this disease came along.  Appointments were cancelled and I did allow myself to rest, telling myself I didn’t have to do anything.  Now I have more work to do on the issue, developing a healthy attitude toward my work, allowing more ease in each day.  That is the healing protocol.

I have other issues, of course, as we all do.  Most are easier to see and let go of.  Here are a few videos that may assist you, as you clear out your own energetic blockages.

Please make comments or email me with questions and suggestions, so this blog can better serve.

Here’s a little help from Kirstin ‘Grey Owl’.  While she makes the rattle sounds, sit upright and relaxed, hands on thighs.  When she stops rattling, picture the vortex of energy in the middle of your chest opening, and take in the energy she is transmitting.

And here’s “Grandfather” with a shamanistic prayer that can be used for any situation.  He points out that now, we have the upgraded ability to change ourselves and our lives.

Touching on the topic of consciousness, here are videos from Abraham on healing:



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