The Event

The Red Moon Lunar Eclipse Has Affected Us

blood-moon-zack-clothier-e1397691706575As expected, more energies were added to those we’ve received since the Spring Equinox when, on Monday night, the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse released more energies.  As any policeman, hospital or emergency worker knows, full moons always make many people a little nuts, anyway.  This was a bigger event, on top of other Transformational energies.

I’ve heard reports of people feeling tired, lethargic, unbearably sleepy, nervous, tense, strange, crazy, insecure.  People have been arguing, getting angry, upset, sad—generally not getting along with others and not really liking themselves.  Again, the heart and blood pressure issues.  Others have said they are calmer, more peaceful, feel an increase in positive emotions and have more energy.  Those feeling good are experiencing more synchronicity, as well.  It’s not all either good or bad, though.  Some people have had mixed reactions.

I had heart palpitations again on Monday night, for only a few minutes.  Other than that, I’ve felt good humor and vitality, with neither insomnia, nor narcolepsy.

Here are a couple of comments I read on YouTube:
“ON a roller coaster ride here…lots of Ups and Downs with the energies and the effects on my body. Right eye has been getting twitching and spasms the last 2 weeks, feeling tired, worn out and then also energized.  __ Something has changed, very subtle….feels like I have released a lot and I DO feel…lighter in a way…more mellow and laid back although I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t know what was/is going down”

“my positive energy is both uplifting and kinda scaring my family.  lol.  l’ll keep it cool”

An old friend contacted me on Tuesday, to say she has done nothing but sleep since last weekend.  She’s not depressed, not sick, not upset, has no big problem, but just wants to stay in bed, sleeping a lot.  She’s heard about the Transformation from me, all along.  I don’t know how seriously she took it.  I told her about what’s been happening lately with energies.  She’d thought something must be terribly wrong with her and was going to go to the doctor.  I told her just relax.  Go ahead and sleep.  It’s the energies.  Plus our DNA has changed, and our bodies are adjusting during sleep.  I recommended, of course, that she read this blog and tell her friends about it.

Heads up now, there will be another energetic shift on April 21.  Here’s the typical jargon used:

There is an ISIS portal activation on April 20th/21st (Easter) and on May 17th, there will be  the Pleiadian Alignment portal activation. That activation will be our first step towards the First Contact.

I don’t pay attention to all that.  I get that energies are shifting at those times.  I’ll have to find out what planetary configuration is behind it, and let you know.  First Contact is the ET help that will come after the Event.

We also have had a lot of solar flares.  Here’s a video on how they may affect us:

The skies have been interesting lately.  I can’t resist showing you these pics of the “rainbow around the sun”, seen in Florida yesterday, though as far as I know, the only energetic affect was the joy of seeing it.  These pics are from Bradenton and Tampa Bay area online news sourceS.

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