“The Event” Energies Are Changing Our Consciousness

You know that my commitment was to post every day, and I apologize for missing a few posts while I haven’t felt well and couldn’t get my thoughts together.  Now I realize I could have at least posted a video.

The last thing I want to say about the changing energies is to expect more noticeable changes through the rest of April.  For those who want to understand the cosmic events affecting us, see:  Cardinal Grand Cross.  I’ve told you about some harder to deal with reactions you may have.  You may get good messages in meditation or in dreams.  You may experience more synchronicities, signs from the universe that to you, personally, are a message.  If you feel that it is, then it is.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to the multiverse and conscious creating.  It is addressed in the video, below, on how we are changing.  It’s from pre-12/21/12, so realize that we have already left the three dimension world behind, and are adjusting to new abilities.





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