The Event

We’re Going Further and Faster into “The Event” – Now

In case you wake up in the morning feeling pretty strange, wonderful, or crazy, I want an explanation sitting here for you.  If you haven’t yet, please read the other New Earth posts in the “The Event” category.  Click above the title of this post, where it says “The Event”, with a reddish background.  That will bring up previous posts.

We have been and will continue to be hit with more transformational energies.  This morning, many people on Facebook groups reported dreams symbolizing peace, transformation, ascension, including doves, angels and other spiritual beings.  These dreams coincide with tonight’s (Monday night) Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse which, it had been said, could bring in more Event energies.  Recall that energies of planets, moons, comets, galaxies, solar systems all affect each other.  It was energies that have pushed us forward in evolution, into the New Earth.

Especially since early 2012, and with a big boost at 12/21/12, many of us have responded to new energies with ill effects, like high blood pressure, heart palpitations, dizziness, disorientation, tiredness, emotional issues cropping up.  If you feel any such problems, please, if you possibly can, take the time to allow the energy to move through you.

Lie flat and take a few deep, slow breaths.  In through the nose, out through the mouth. Then,1969259_10152347241719750_1549308044_n

Close your eyes.  

Relax your face to a mask of peace.

Let your arms be lazy.

Let your legs be lazy. 

Just lie there at rest for awhile.

If it happens where you can’t lie down, discretely breath and relax, sitting or even standing.


afc45d91d6e7908b30be8544d7e13178This may not qualify as an actual event, but it will definitely bring in further changes within your body, mind and emotions.  Maybe you’ll begin to feel it for the first time.  Maybe you’ll begin to have more spiritual experiences.

If this is “The Event”, remember that plans are laid, to be executed after this energetic event.  Banks may be temporarily closed and arrests made, following plans to free us from the Cabal.  It may be rather disruptive.  The “news” disinformation stations will be taken over, talking heads replaced by real journalists.  These actions will involve aid by ET who have been assisting in plans behind the scenes.  They have not and will not allow any nuclear weapons to go off on the planet.

Whatever happens, remember that this is the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened on the planet!  That’s why you chose to incarnate at this time.  Have no fear, no matter what.  This is all leading to a wonderful time of

peace ~ love ~ expanding consciousness ~ increasing spirituality

Light is what you are!


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