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Cherokee Other Self and the Multiverse

I’m reblogging this article by Ruth Elan, as an example of simultaneous lives of the ever existing NOW universes of the multiverse.  “Huh?” you say.  I say there is no time as we have thought it to be.  Not that there is no time, but it’s not what we think it is.

Remember my earlier post where I promised to explain these ideas, taking my time to make myself understood?  OK.  Today, let’s look briefly at time, multiverse and parallel lives.  I only ask, not that you believe what I say, but that you open your mind to consideration of these possibilities, as I present in small doses, ideas for the fifth dimension.  Discern and decide for yourself what is true.

For now, take with a grain of salt the fact that Ruth is able to visit with a version of herself in a parallel existence, and continue reading.  We’ll return on another day, to the question of how she did it.

Esoteric philosophy, also called Ageless Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy, says that there is no such thing as time, that everything exists in the NOW.  Sometimes Eastern teachings even say that nothing exists.  I say, well, of course it exists, but what is it?  And I say, of course time exists, but maybe it’s not what we think it is.

Multiverse of Pebble Paths

Multiverse of Pebble Paths

We think of time as being continuous.  Second by second, we seem to live each entire second without interruption.  We think of the timeline as an uninterrupted and inescapable line of our one and only existence.  That’s what we were pretty much limited to experiencing when we and Mother Earth were in 3D life.  4D represents the possibility of multiple timelines occurring simultaneously, and perhaps being able to jump from one timeline to a more attractive one.  In 5D, we are going past those viewpoints and experiences.

You know how a movie is really made up of still pictures flashed before your eyes in rapid succession?  Well that’s how time works.  It is not continuous.  Rather, we step from one still to another at a rate of billions of changes per second.  All possibilities exist simultaneously, and we choose, billions of times per second, the next possibility to experience.  Knowing this, it is easier to see how it is possible to take control of your life and change it.  I say that because, knowing that life proceeds in discontinuous steps, we can imagine the possibility of stepping over to a new scenario.  Or if not a totally new situation, at least one step toward a new path – a different direction.  We can work with that idea.

But we need to back up, because I know you are trying to grasp how everything could be happening at once.  First, understand that if all is in the NOW, nothing can be happening – that is, changing through time.  It is not happening, but all existing at the same time.

So here comes another round of grappling.  How can everything exist simultaneously?  Where could everything be at once?  How could it get wherever it is?

The Kybalion is a little book I’d like you to read.  It contains the 7 Principles of the Universe.  Here’s a link to it in pdf:  It’s short and sweet.  You scientifically minded ones will like it.  The first principle is that ALL is Mind.  Today we would say:

ALL is Consciousness

ALL is Idea.  Consciousness shines the light of its awareness on ideas, experiencing them in rapid succession, as a timeline of experience.

We’ll stop there for now.  It’s enough to think of everything existing in the NOW, and Consciousness changing its object of awareness billions of times per second.  Later we will consider:

Simultaneous Lives

Personal Universes, Agreed Upon Universes

What Is Consciousness?


Enjoy Ruth’s article and the Kybalion.

Psychic Broadband by Ruth Elan


(This is a past life, simultaneous self experience in trance. I became him.)

I am Cherokee. I am healer. I use the earth and its energetic properties to heal those who are not content in their suffering. I perform rituals. I harness the power of the sun and the stars. I interpret the energy of those in spirit. I have been persecuted by others for my role I play in my community.

Eiyalbalka is my name, but unimportant. I killed myself with a blend of herbal medicine. I spent many days within trance learning the ways of spirit trying to interpret that knowledge and give it to others. Others who did not want it. My children died at hand for what I did. I lived in fear. I wanted to leave with no way to go, no place to be.

(I experienced him in death, and then in spirit.)


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