Message to Me from Spirit

I did a meditation on Dolores Cannon’s Group Hypnosis DVD and the information I got from it was very meaningful to me.  It is a guided meditation, where you meet one of your spiritual guides.  We all have guides in spirit, as well as healers, teachers, advisers and angels. In meditation, or just sitting quietly with the intention, we can meet them and talk to them.  Now, this meditation is not like a QHHT hypnosis session, in that the guidance is more suggestive, even specific.  What it does, though, is give you practice at relaxing into a meditation.  1379524_590474534327258_1094416809_n

In the meditation, first Dolores gets you very relaxed, then guides you to see, in your mind’s eye, a path that you follow along.  You get to a clearing within a grove of trees, from which she says a guide will step out.  She asks that you notice what the guide looks like, then get the name.  I did see my guide coming out of a grove.  He was tall and thin, with white hair and wearing a knee length vest over pants and shirt.  I couldn’t hear his name clearly.  I asked him how to spell it, but he said to just call him Bob.

Then at Dolores’s suggestion, Bob gave me a wooden box.  She does not suggest what is in the box.  That’s entirely individual, personal.  Inside, I found a big tooled leather book.  The word LOVE stretched across its front.  Bob said it was a gift from all the people in higher realms that love me, and the book contained all of their names.

Then Dolores says the guide will give a message.  Bob handed me a piece of paper with the word “Write”.  He said, “Write every day. We want you to post on the New Earth Blog every day. The QHHT Blog is extra.” So tomorrow morning I will write, and I’ll do it every day. Spirit wants everyday people to know the things I have planned to say about our New Earth and changes in our reality.  This work is timely.  I have to stop playing around, get over my tendency to procrastinate.

It’s encouraging to know that all the many beings whose names are in the book are behind me and my work.  I have asked to be guided in what to write and for help in saying it in the manner in which it needs to be said.

I’ve posted this on the QHHT Blog, because it’s an introduction to relaxation and visualization, and shows how information can be given to us by spirit.  Because, you know, QHHT accesses your Subconscious (SC), which is spirit much higher than most of our many spiritual helpers who are in realms higher than the one we live in – in the here and now, shall we say.  If we can talk with a guide and be given information as important as I take my message from Bob to be, imagine how much more we can learn in a QHHT session with the SC answering our own questions, asked by the practitioner.

Tomorrow I’ll look for a guided meditation for beginners, and post that here.

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