About ME

I’m a Level 2 Dedicated QHHT Practitioner!

I flew up to Arkansas the last week of March, for Dolores’s Level 2 class.  Having spent years too long doing something for which I’d lost passion, and now starting this new life, I was stoked about Level 2 class before leaving home.  The three day event was all I’d expected, and more.

It was such a pleasure to finally meet Dolores, after listening to her on Coast to Coast AM for many years, and having read some of her books. She’s down home, as I’d expected. I struck up an easy conversation with her several times, usually learning something even from a brief exchange. Julia and the several other family members helping with the class were much like Dolores, nice as can be.  Another highlight was meeting Candace Craw-Goldman and Suzanne Spooner, role models who assisted in voice training, mock sessions and offered many gems of knowledge.

Level 2 is a must, I feel, for a serious practitioner, as is the QHHT Forum. Hearing about the experiences of others, their questions and the answers is tremendously helpful. We practiced and discussed every part of the QHHT session and picked up pearls of information from Dolores and Julia along the way. I returned home confident, a lot more knowledgeable.

Another advantage of taking the class is establishing friendships with colleagues and exchanging sessions. I discovered that I and others are aware when the Subconscious comes through, because we are now, since the Transformation process to New Earth, more in touch with it – really, living as it, to a noticeable degree. I also got the intuitive understanding that much of my clientele will be the overly rational, left brain type as I’ve been.

I’m very happy to be following my bliss!




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