New Earth

Getting on Track with Goals

1901357_628239150582157_183707890_nI haven’t written for awhile. Last week I attended Level 2 QHHT class with Dolores Cannon in Arkansas. What a treat! I’ll write about that tomorrow on the QHHT Blog. This has been a crazy week.

I had two posts started for you, when Firefox browser tabs reloaded, wiping out my work. I now write the posts in Word and later copy into WordPress. Live and Learn!

I had insomnia and narcolepsy.  It was making me tense, not accomplishing my goals.  Finally, I decided to relax, get back into the Vortex of Creation, smile and be happy, knowing that keeping my intent will cause this ripple to be straightened out.  I’ll be on track and maybe on an improved track.

I want to take a moment to suggest that you click on YouTube in the Menu, and check out some playlists.  Let me know how you like them.

Have a great weekend!


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