Georgia First State to Pass Constitutional Convention

See this article from the brilliant Shakaama:

It’s about time!  That Federal gov is formed in such as a way that we can kick their asses out, at any moment.  I HAD been hoping for state action, but had given up, leaving the Freedom Fight to Spirit, while I concentrate on New Earth.

I want the Constitutional Convention to, rather than whittle a little hair off the body of the bloated, dying cow of the unlawful corporate US faux government, take this action under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) win of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT).  That is, cut the Constitution back to 1791, the original plus the Bill of Rights, to make everybody free.  Make all corporations unconstitutional.  Revive the original 13th amendment, which will strip all lawyers of citizenship.  The introduction to the new Constitution can clarify that it stands for all people, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, planet, etc.  Perhaps an amendment against prejudice in the form of affirmative rights is necessary.  Also an amendment making it clear that the Federal government shall in no way interfere in health, education, welfare, retirement, waterways, energy, or environment.  The states can do it better, cheaper, with less likelihood of tyranny.

I’m well aware of our brothers behind the scenes, many in banking, government, military, many extraterrestrial, who are working with our larger Intergalactic neighborhood toward the Freedom that we shall have once The Event occurs.  Much appreciation goes out to them who have a better understanding of what will and will not be still necessary, as The Event changes us.  However, it is not, and I think never will be time to let go of vigilance against evil, lackadaisicalness and willing servitude, being what took Freedom from the USA in the first place.

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