New Earth

You Are a Creature That Is a Facet and Child of the Divine. Period. — Channeled by Ron Head

Over the past few months, I’ve been assimilating the intermingling ideas of non-continuous frames of existence creating timelines, how we 8 billion times per second (I think Bashar said) choose the next stepping stone of the infinite number of forever existing flashes of NOW. If I recall, 16 frames or pics/second, are required for stills to turn into a steady movie. That helps me understand how non-continuous experiences look like a continuous timeline to us. The fact that life happens in discrete steps makes it easier to see how I can create my own universe, and you, your universe.

Every time we make a change – 8 billion times per second – we not only change our future, but who we are NOW, AND our PAST!

Add to that concept of a lifetime, the idea of our having simultaneous lives. We get to the point of accepting that several of our lives are all happening now. And then we realize that the above discussion of everything being in the forever NOW, means that our past selves, past lives, are happening concurrently. Let us not forget our future lives in this simultaneity! Are you bug eyed yet?  Mouth agape, tongue hanging loose?

I’ve heard this stuff before, but now I realize I was blasé about it. As usual, and don’t you find this is the way it works, once I heard this from Bashar, I heard it from Dolores Cannon, but more as an actuality than when I heard it before; then from Ron Head’s Subconscious, under hypnosis by Suzanne Spooner; now Ron, himself, has touched on the subject here, from the perspective of how we energetic, multidimensional, simultaneously living creatures affect each other significantly with our vibrations and frequency changes.

Oracles and Healers


Michael and the Councils of Higher Selves

We said in our last message that we would be addressing the topic of soft power, of your power, of what and how you could best use the energy of the amazing beings that you are becoming.  We shall do that.  Now the channel should be aware that this is not a simple and short topic.  There is nothing completely new that we shall be telling you here, but in this case, we wish to cover much more than we usually do in these short paragraphs. 

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