5D Abilities

Let Go of Your Plans

If you’re working on consciously creating your universe, you’ll want to hear this YouTube video from Daniel Scranton.  I’ll blog more on Conscious Creation in coming days, which may clarify some of your thoughts on this video.

I know that most of my readers aren’t familiar with meditative sounds like he makes in the beginning.  LOL!  Just laugh, maybe join in, until he starts talking, or skip to 2:08.

Plans hold us to the Old Earth way of linear time and restrictions.  Envision your chosen experience while in a level of excitement and with surety, knowing that the Universe will give you what you’ve chosen.  This is what Jesus meant by, “Ask and you shall receive”.  I call this ‘Creating Your Universe’.

That’s encouraging!  No reason to question myself.  Breaking away from 3D habit, learning about and utilizing 5D abilities is one of my objectives.  I’ve been living without plans since recently erasing most of my past; just one major goal, one secondary and some tactics along the way.   I have a list of books I plan to read, but that is just an ordering.  My QHHT Level 2 class is in Arkansas at the end of the month, so I’ll have to meet a couple of airplanes.  Other than that, I often don’t know what day it is.  In fact, I thought today was Sunday.  I do things as I think of them.  Sometimes I write a list, then forget to read it.

“Do only what you want to do, every moment of every day,” I read long ago in a book by Sanaya Roman.  I immediately tried it.  It doesn’t make you irresponsible; it makes you realize that either you take on responsibility because you want to do it, or you need to make changes in your life.  Realizing you go to work because you choose to go make money, you don’t feel put upon.  And if you just DREAD work, make plans to change your work.  Following Roman’s advice, I don’t make myself do any formerly dreaded housework.  I do it on the spur of the moment or when someone’s coming that I want it spiffy for.  I like things clean, and this works for me.

It seems to me that the 5D energies make it hard NOT to let go and not plan.  Rather than striving to live in the moment, as the spiritual “gurus” advise, I do so without thinking – just coasting through the day.  Please comment on how you are experiencing it.

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  1. This is part of the living in the NOW moment and it really does make a better difference in your life. I like the way you referred to going to work because you choose to make money, not because you have to…… a better way to look at it. Thanks Rosalie.


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