Who We Are

Higher Self as Our Guide

I advised, regarding The Event, to get quiet and check what your Higher Self told you. Here’s a way to do that.



Our higher self is our best guide on our spiritual journey.  Our higher self will guide us in our best interest.  Unlike teachers, gurus, and even others on their spiritual journeys, there is no ego to detract from the guidance for self gain, self promotion, possession, superiority, or recognition.  Many have come to me for advice, and I always encourage independence, self reliance, and self love by relying on our higher selves for true guidance.  I am merely here to inspire and encourage, but cannot serve as others true guides.

Our higher self already has all the answers to our questions. We only need to listen to the answers. You can practice meditation where you can access your higher self, and here is an exercise to help you get started:

1) Sit quietly in a peaceful room with your cell phones, computers, and all electronic equipment turned off. Take long deep…

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