The Event

Do You Feel Like Something Is About to Happen? The Event

Get quiet and check yourself.  Do you feel a certain anxiousness, an anticipation, an eeriness of impending change?  Many people do.  What’s it about?  At the highest level of ourselves, we all KNOW what it is.  It’s nothing to fear, but the very best thing that’s ever happened on Earth.

People feel this all over the world, independent of background, religion or spiritual understanding, education or any other factor.  We feel it because we are spirit, and every spirit on Earth knows about it.  Animals, plants, each cell of your body and every atom in the universe knows.

The grandest event really IS about to happen.  It’s imminent, they say.

People are talking about The Event.  THE Event.  The EVENT!

There will be a light show caused by energy from the Great Central Sun at the center of the universe.  Christ Consciousness will descend on us.  Many will be able to receive it.  No one will be able to deny it.

They say it is immanent. Yet what does immanent mean?  Next month?  2017?  What is the Source inside you telling you?  It would be good to sit quietly and hear what your Higher Self, or Self, has to say.  Never believe anything because somebody says it.

The clearest explanation I’ve heard of the event is what QHHT hypnotist Suzanne Spooner was told by Self (the Subconscious) in a session with Ron Head.  From the YouTube “infinityhealers” channel:

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