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Coronavirus Wildcard Bringing Us Freedom

Dr. Aric Butler and his wife, Andrea.

Jerry and I are very proud of our chiropractor in Rogersville, Alabama, Dr. Aric Butler, owner of Doc’s Gym and Family Chiropractic, for sticking up for all our rights to open and run businesses! And for putting his patients first during rough times.

Alabama chiropractor arrested for violating coronavirus order; lawyer says case ‘unconstitutional’

“He didn’t open his gym,”  [James Irby, Butler’s attorney] said. “He is a chiropractor and he was there seeing patients. He was handcuffed and put in a police car and hauled off like he had committed a real crime.”

We put shame on the Rogersville policeman and chief of police, Hudson, for not using proper discretion in enforcement of the order, even IF the Attorney General ordered them to make the arrest, which he denies. 

Police officers in many instances across the country, even in California, HAVE refused to arrest citizens.  For me and many Americans this raises questions about executive orders, as to the point at which they are unconstitutional.

It’s thrilling to see that citizens have awakened to our own responsibilities as watchdogs of Liberty to correct those elected to SERVE us.  This is another reason to thank the coronavirus pandemic, another Wildcard like Donald J. Trump, for rapidly bringing us out of barbaric tyranny to the Freedom of our New Earth!

Let’s maintain the difference between demanding and taking Freedom and begging supposed masters.

Thanks to heroes across the country who resist tyrannical orders.  They amp up the Wildcard Energies!


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