Expect Benevolence!

Hopefully you all are immune to propaganda for killer vaccines and for expectation of a sad future.  See the video below, if you need to be shown how the lying Team Dark politicians and talking heads use propaganda and much repetition to brainwash you into thinking the way they want you to.  Remember that we each and collectively create what we think.
Healthy people may or may not be immune to coronavirus and they don’t get sick and die from it, even if they show some symptoms.  We will not build a future based on fear of illness and reliance on vaccines.  The people of Team Dark are telling you to expect, and therefore create, darkness as normal, now.
No.  Masks, gloves and fear will never be a new or old normal, repeat and repeat it all they want.
Gates’ fight is against humanity, not a virus.  It seems the controllers were working to create a very deadly virus from a very contagious everyday coronavirus in a Wuhan laboratory, but “luckily”, it was accidentally let loose before they were ready for that.  Also “luckily”, the people of America and the world have our Wildcard, Donald J. Trump and the White Hats.  We are in Wildcard energies.
I say “luckily” because we create our own luck.
Best of all, we are in the 26th year of a 36 year transformation from the Age of Barbarism to the Age of Compassion.  The new energies are already here in this Year 7 of our New Earth.  None of these controllers nor puppets repeating soundbites can prevent People from awakening, as they ARE and will continue to awaken in droves.  Humanity’s Collective Consciousness continues to rise in this stage of rapid evolution.
Expect Benevolence!
Only watch this exposure of brainwashing if you need to understand what is and has been happening.
WELL, the video I just watched on YouTube cannot be found by WordPress.  Hmmm.  Another try:
If you can’t find it, just search for “New Normal” and “Police State”.  Just “New Normal” if you still don’t find anti-brainwash videos.

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