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Gaia Portal 10/5 ~ Hu-Beings Becoming Enlightened

I realize I won’t get a chance to finish the October 7 and 10 Gaia Portal posts before Jerry and I get busy with other concerns for the rest of this week, so here is the one from October 5.

I want to thank Kauilapele for referring his readers to this blog and/or Justin at SitsShow for the interpretations.  I encourage each reader to participate in seeing what they get out of it before reading anyone else’s ideas on it.  It’s a fun game and an exercise in extending your mind into intuitive realms.  Justin does a great job in his analysis and conclusions.  I don’t read his before I do mine, so my mind is not swayed in the direction of his writing.  He definitely doesn’t read mine first, with my tardiness, so he may highlight an aspect that I did not.

As the Eireport folks at Gaia Portal have said, their is no right or wrong on these.

My thoughts are in orange.

becoming-enlightenedParticles of Essence imbue each hu-being

5 Oct

Particles of Essence imbue each hu-being.

We are, at heart, Source Essence, drawn out as Divine Fractals—”smaller parts” with all attributes of the whole—whose purpose is to manifest aspects of Source, and experience what we Co-Create.

Everyday, regular people in all situations on this New Earth, are now showing the qualities of their Inner Self.  No effort is needed, as the energies have changed all of us.

Not to get into details, parts and levels of multidimensionality, think of the Particles of Essence as Spirit Essence, God Essence, Source Essence, Oversoul Essence, Soul Essence or My Essence.  Think of it as and call it what you are comfortable with, each person’s Essence is right there with them, permeating, extending further than their physical body, not above, not far away, not dense like dust particles—fluid, moving, sweeping, floating through them.  Right HERE.

People are changing.  Evolving.  Reacting less and showing more of the Essence of who they are.

Denials are eliminated.

People can no longer deny the Spirit inside of us, as we feel ourselves to be more than our outer selves.  We feel the Inner Essence and sense the Inner Light of others.  Though we may refer to it as such, it is not exactly inner or outer.  It is our True Self.

Fans of masteries are sensed.

Like the rounded, polished rocks fanning out from a river that meets the ocean, whose waters have roared down from high mountains, knocking rocks lose, picking up, carrying, pounding and polishing them all the way to the Pacific, our hard knocks of lifetimes have polished attributes of ourselves.  They have become Masteries that are now sensed by ourselves and others.  We can allow ourselves to know that we are Masters and stop wondering and questioning others.  WE have our answers.  The Master asks the Inner Essence.

Prescient actives are embraced.

With our Mastery and Essence comes the Inner Senses.  We are visionaries, knowing what is coming, seeing answers of the future, for ourselves, others and mankind.  We are acting on that understanding and, seeing it also in others, we embrace the visionary activities.




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