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Gaia Portal ~ Uncharted Territory in New Earth

Here are my thoughts on Gaia Portal messages, from 7/14 through 8/2.  These are arranged chronologically, oldest to newest.  Reading them all together clearly shows how much we have progressed in our New Earth evolution.  And how would God cause us to evolve, but via energies?  That is why these messages always talk about the energies.

Gaia Portal messages are in bold.  My interpretations are orange, and titles are links to

I’m putting this out without proof reading.  I usually have something to correct after posting, anyway, and I want to get these out for those who enjoy them.  I hope all my readers get something out of it.

~ Rosalie


Harmonics are embodied and Real-ized

14 Sep

 Harmonics are embodied and Real-ized.
As the energies arrived to Earth during September, they were taken in, multidimensionally; that is, on all the levels of ourselves (not just humans, either), soul levels, mental levels, astrally, and physically, as harmonics.  You know how piano wires vibrate harmonically, i.e., one key (and wire) stricken causes nearby octaves of the same note to vibrate, too.   Similarly an energy of very high frequency, on a spiritual frequency level will filter down to lower levels of energetic frequency, such as on mental and physical planes.  This is what has been happening.
That is, high frequencies of Light energy entering the planet are “stepped down” from one octave to another.  Think of spiritual levels as an octave level, and the same for intuitive, mental, astral and physical (solid, liquid, gas, plasmic, etc.).  As the high octave is stepped down to lower octaves, we are “tuned” to the new high frequencies.  Not to get into it, too much, not only octaves, but chords are resonated.  We come to resonate with the Transformational frequencies.  They are embodied in us and all on our plane, in this “real” world, becoming part of this Real Fifth Dimensional (5D) world.

Flashes of illumination become the norm.

People are so often experiencing enlightening intuitive flashes that it is completely normal and usual.  That is because of the “stepping down” from the intuitive octaves to the mental, so we “get” it.  “Ah ha!”

Fellowships of Harmony blossom.

Groups and friendships of beautiful loving, harmonies are springing up all over Earth, like spring blossoms—among humans, all of nature, all beings.  The harmony is spreading.

Inner Peace is embodied.

We feel the harmonic interchange of energies and it feels very peaceful on all levels of self.

 Recall that third density is life  as if still in 3D fussing, fighting and struggling.  Fourth density is easier, since those people have let go of the struggles, either manufactured by media or in their daily lives; or else they are going through a brief period of letting go of people, jobs and other situations that are unfulfilling, trading them for people and other life elements more harmonic to them.


Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed

28 Sep

 Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed.
The usual way one has conducted life, by way of habits, beliefs, friendships, self-definitions and memberships are self-inspected.  All that no longer served is dropped.  Cleansed.

Night missions are completed.

Our experiences of the darkness on Earth was our mission.  We forgot who we are, that we are Source / God Fractals, so that we could experience the darkness, fear, desperation and aloneness of not knowing.  The mission is completed!

Messianics are released.

The idea that saviors would show up and do all this self- and societal cleansing and changing for us is released.  No teacher, prophet, angel, or ET will save us.  WE are the God Incarnates.  We are doing and must do it for ourselves.  Otherwise, we are still puny slaves.  There is no messiah between us and Source, no one we will serve, but ourselves and fellow beings; and in that way we serve the All That Is, God.

Fluorescents ignite the show.

Those who are glowing with their own Light, as God Fractal and Co-Creator, Light up this process of Evolution of New Earth.


Tenders enter the unscripted pages

2 Oct

At first fast read, this message could refer to the global monitary changes that have been taking place this week, but I have learned that when a seemingly obvious “real world” interpretation presents, “That ain’t it.”

Tenders enter the unscripted pages.

Those who are tending this Earth, the Tenders or Watchers, are observing and recording our path, as we live through unscripted experiences in uncharted territory.  This could be the first time a whole planet has ascended from one dimension to another, en masse, no one left behind, most of us in body. 

Lenterics come to show at all events.

Lenterics are those lending a hand to us in this fresh, New Earth.  They stand by to assist us in adjusting to new energies, every time a new wave of them floods in.  They are lending a hand to the White Hats who are eliminating darkness.  We have never been alone, and we have multiplied help in forming our new understandings and new ways of living.

Stellar principles are followed.

The highest principles—principles of those from the stars—are followed in the tending and assisting.  Free Will is respected.  Prime Directive of non-interference is followed.  Of course, when we ask, we will be assisted, but only following Stellar Wisdom.

Absolutes are monitored and elected.

 I can’t define the absolutes involved, but they are measurements of how we are responding to the Transformational Energies.  The tenders are monitoring us so as not to cause us to explode or go crazy from increased frequency levels.  They elect what and how much Divine or Galactic Intervention to apply, and when.  It is all done with loving attention to detail.

Fellowships return.

From our separatism, fellowships return; that is, amongst mankind and all Earth beings; Earthlings and ET; personality with Higher Self; and each of us with God, the All That Is.



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