Gaia Portal 3/27 ~ Higher Energetics

Divine Energetics ~ Beings of Light

Warmths of Higher Energetics imbue Hue-manity’s essence at this moment

27 Mar

gaia_energy1Warmths of Higher Energetics imbue Hue-manity’s essence at this moment.

While we have experienced the bumpy ride from 3D physical reality to 5D, the uptick of Earth’s energies has affected our multidimensional Selves at levels beyond physical body and rational mind, to our souls, and higher.  The Higher Self and Soul now vibrate at higher frequencies.  We also have higher levels of Self on the planet, in higher dimensions.  Higher Energetics, or Divine Entities / Forces / Energies, now permeate all of those, our very highest levels.  All parts of ourselves in all the Earth dimensions/spaces in which they reside, now hold more Light and are of higher energetic frequency. 

Divine Beings pour forth divine frequencies of Love, Light, and Life.  Their warmths permeate and flow through our high essential levels, making us more Divine.

Freestyle collaborations form within, and without.

I’ve mentioned new connections in our everyday life, as our psychologies change in the new energies.  That’s the “without”. 

Let’s say that “within” is the levels of Self higher than the body and rational mind.  Continuing on the train of information in the above sentence, we form new collaborations on those higher levels (within).  We work in new ways with Divine Beings, such as the angels and archangels; ascended masters; people of other planets; groups of higher Divine levels, such as Ra or Elohim. 

As we continue our development in New Earth, our high collaborations will come to be known by us in our everyday life. 

Gaia patterns adjust to Cosmic Emergence.

This Transformation is not being undergone only by Earth, but on the galactic level, at least.  We are emerging into galactic consciousness, while Mother Earth is becoming a Cosmic entity.  All Earth energetic patterns are changing, while Mother Earth and all Earth beings are adjusting.

Forms of Light are made visible… to all.

This goes beyond those strange and now often seen Lights in the skies.  People now are seeing more energy forms, like balls of Light.  And now, Beings of Light!


You may have noticed that in the Gaia messages, the present tense is often used for what seems not to have happened, yet.  Time talk by people on higher dimensions is usually off, to us.  They live more in the NOW, all things existing at once.  I feel that in the Gaia Portal posts, what is worded in present tense is just beginning or is imminent (from my perspective).  So, if we don’t see it yet, we will very soon.

~ Rosalie

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  1. So more people are seeing the dancing light in the sky. I see little specks in the sky on sunny days. As if the dust in the sky lights up. You have to focus to really see it.

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  2. I feel that a lot of things are happening within me and even others around me. It feels very good. I glad for not being so intellectual only. It has been good to have the knowledge but now I have so much more

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