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The Biology of Belief ~ Aids for Your Youthing

Now is the time for us to drop our belief in death and dying, stop aging and start growing younger.

I’ve taken time away from blogging to focus on my new home life and my health.  I hope you, too, are loving and putting yourself first when you are making life changes or need rest, healing, or  psychological adjustments.  Those needs are common during this time of great inner and situational changes.  It’s important to take care now, as revolutionary and systemic societal improvements are on the horizon and it may take a strong constitution to go through those state changes.  Besides, “they” on the other side, our Higher Self, angelic healers, et al, are adjusting our bodies to our upgraded DNA, during our sleep.  So, sleep for lonnnnng hours.

I want to discuss another change that is taking a lot of extra energy for us Baby Boomers.  I remember thinking how old I’d be in year 2000, and hoping I’d make it to the new millennium.  I did make it, and just before I did, I began learning that we’d be going into New Earth.  Now, here we are!

There will be no more illness, aging, nor death.

Growing Young Together

Growing Young Together

“Well, there still is,” you say.  Yes, people are still sick and dying.  That’s because we still believe in it, even if we intellectually don’t.  And notice the increasing people 90+ years old, even into their hundreds, who are becoming healthier.

Youthing¹ requires a change in Consciousness. 

Eventually, everyone will truly know there is no illness and aging, but some of us will have to get it started.  Kryon says it is up to the old souls.  That means those who’ve been on Earth for a very long time, in “past” lives.

I’m working on my own Youthing, so let me tell you how it’s going.

Most people have had a body weak point, and for me, it’s been the lungs.  A week or so ago, I walked a section of our property in the cool air, though I’d had bronchitis.  After that deep breathing, my lungs felt completely clear.  Each cell, organ, and system in the body is conscious—is, like us, Consciousness itself.  As I lay down taking wonderful full breaths, I confidently talked to my cells and my Innate (my little Biological Spirit that controls the DNA field) about Youthing.  I was in the Vortex of Creation².  Then I felt bad for a week.

I felt discouraged for a moment; then thought of how I had been able to sleep very late.  My m.o. had been to never rest, unless I just couldn’t get up.  Lately, my body and subconscious mind seem to want me to rest and sleep.  I feel that is a response to my directing Intent toward Youthing and I’m going with that flow, feeling appreciation.

Meanwhile, Jerry’s hair is growing in darker (hope mine goes more silver) and he’s gone from being overweight to fairly skinny.  His body weakened when I was cooking vegetarian.  Now that we eat fish or seafood every day and plenty of cheese, his strength has increased.  The problem for me is that he likes bread, pasta and sugars.  I began eating breads with him and cooking vegetable and seafood pasta dishes, and I put on significant weight.  We each have to find the food that makes the body feel alive.  That food will revitalize the body.

Anytime we feel happy and energetic, it helps our body correct itself!

INever Too Late have a way of “flipping a switch” to get into the Vortex.  It lets me feel happy all over and I know it’s doing my body good, every cell.  Every little consciousness in the body feels fantastic JOY when we’re in the Vortex!

I used to do yoga, ballet and jazz.  I didn’t know about the Vortex then, but dance and yoga sure did put me there!  I consciously enjoyed every step, every movement of my body throughout the day, when I practiced often.  I want to bring those practices back into my life.  So, to assist in my Youthing, to get back into shape, including strength, flexibility and endurance, we bought a (reconditioned like new) Pilates Power Gym and a ballet bar.  Jerry’s going to use them, too!  I couldn’t get him to wear ballet shoes, but he says he’ll wear lace up jazz shoes so he won’t slip.  In fact, they arrived today.

Jerry’s joy, besides his passionate discussions, is being outside on our land, in the woods and all the trees he planted, in the beautiful clear running creeks around here or the Tennessee River.  This is land he’s loved for lifetimes.  Now he’s sharing it with me.  We are still busy getting settled.  This past week we began landscaping in front of the porch, and now choosing plants.  It’s invigorating, creative, and fulfilling.

Find what brings you that feeling of  physical delight and do it!


Love Your Body

But what if you can’t exercise, are in a wheelchair, or very weak, or very sick?  What if you are depressed and feel you hate yourself and your body?  If you can move any part of your body, do so, with gratitude.  If you can’t move at all or you’re in a depressed state and can’t muster it, then feel appreciation for all your body does well.  If you can see, then appreciate your eyes and all your parts that cause you to see.  Feel gratitude for your lungs, your heart, for anything and everything your body does well or does at all.  Love your skin, its looks, protection, fast healing—whatever parts you can love.  Thank your body for all it has ever done for you.

You can have that communication with your body throughout the day, while doing other things.  You might practice a meditation where you close your eyes and image your body becoming younger all over.  Be creative.

Most Effective Practice

After loving yourself, being in the Vortex is the most effective New Earth practice.  For now, it’s a practice; eventually it will be “human nature”.

Light and Free



  1. This link will list all my previous posts tagged “The Biology of Belief”, where I talk about the Little Biological Spirit, the Innate, and Youthing.  The first post is listed last.  I suggest starting there.
  2. Vortex of Creation YouTube Playlist.  In the first video, Abraham gives the definition of the Vortex.

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  1. If sleep is good… I’ve got that down. Slept 12 hours last night. At least my body no longer demands 16 hours. Sometimes I sleep only 8 hours too. It is so random with me.

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