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Blood-MoonThe Frequency Shift into September 2015 – Dr Simon Atkins’ Predictions | Prophecies, Predictions and Visions | Time-Specific Material

The purpose of this long article is to bring together a number of independent sources of material that together point to the next three months being a highly significant time period culminating in a ‘frequency shift’ towards the end of September.The initial focus that begins this article is a recent interview with Dr Simon Atkins, a climate risk economist and planetary threat forecaster, whose workLaron has previously covered here on the site.Building on the subject areas Simon covers in the interview, I’ll then move on to additional material that I’m come across elsewhere – some of which I’ve already written about in the Transients Facebook Group that further points to the second half of September potentially being of huge and unprecedented significance.

These include the CHANI Project, Clif High’s webbot, time-specific events relating to September, prophecies relating to the Pope and, lastly, the prophecies, messages and paintings of Transients’ very own guest contributor Valiant.

So without further ado, let’s begin……[more]


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  1. I am still looking forward to September. My birthday is the 17th of September so it as a youth it was a conflicted month to look forward to in Summer. For one thing, I’d have to go back to school, but at least I had a birthday. I have to say I have been sleeping a lot more lately. Good to see an article encouraging me to sleep. I went through a period of two years where I would sleep 14-16 hours a day due to the side effect of a medication, so I get a little worried now that I’ve gone from 10 hour needed of sleep up to 12 hours. I fear I be returning to my past of barely doing anything other then sleep. In fact, I kind of want to sleep right now.

    I also wonder if I will be among the Insane in September. I was diagnosed Schizoaffective with Bipolar mood aspects years ago. I was misdiagnosed as just Bipolar Type I with Psychosis, but then they realized my thinking became… paranoid and unstable without an antipsychotic, even outside of mood swings.

    It is linked to my thyroid, however, so in theory I might be able to survive without brain medication as long as my thyroid remains stable. Yet, if I already have a tendency toward Insanity, and the things happened that the article mentions… I wonder if I am going to re-visit psychosis.


  2. Dear Flower,

    I am writing this here in hopes it will help you and maybe some other readers.

    For thyroid issues, please visit, to find out more.

    It’s a shame to hear that you think of yourself as likely to be insane. Honey, don’t let the labels that the drug peddling quacks put on you in the past affect you now. I don’t even think their term bipolar is well defined. They use labels as excuses to drug people. I hope you can turn to a knowledgeable practitioner who can assess your multidimensional health and who works with real, natural medicines and energy, to improve your health, not tear it down. I hope you can find a shaman / medical intuitive.

    Begin to think of yourself as a powerful being, because you truly are.




    • Thank you, it is a complex topic. I do truly believe that the Doctors are not just trying to sell me drugs, but do the best they know how to treat something they do not understand. My Psychiatrist has even agreed that is possible the whole condition was linked to my Thyroid, and would help me go off medication to see. In rare cases Thyroid problems do result in Mental Illness.

      It is my fault I haven’t gone off. I have come to depend on Disability, as I cannot get a full time job. Without Disability I cannot afford to see the Doctor for my Thyroid Medication. So if I go off my medication and do not suffer psychosis. I win and lose. I cannot afford a Shaman / medical intuitive as they are not covered by insurance.

      I don’t know how long I will be stuck in this position, but I do believe in my Doctors. Years ago, I asked the Angels for my illness to be healed in such a way that the Doctors would support me going off medication, because if I am healed and Doctors don’t support me, I will run into all sorts of problems with family. So I would just continue to take medication not knowing I was healed. I would have conflicts within myself, too. Much fear of going insane.

      So I just need to ask the Angels for help supporting myself without Disability. So that I can try to go off medication with the help of my Doctor.


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