5D Abilities

Initiation into Fifth Dimensional Experience– Esoterica Not Required

Keep It Simpleit’s all fine and well that we want to activate our crystalline DNA, activate our light body and all of these things; but when you just take the four steps like I am suggesting, the chakras, the DNA, the light body, activate on their own.–Matt Kahn,( circa 1:03:52 of The First Wave of Ascension…)

Greetings generous listeners. My two preceding posts, one on July 11, the other on July 12 have led me to this point: If our choices matter, as suggested by the first, and if the way forward requires changes in ourselves, as suggested by the second, how can we make choices that best serve our desire to move forward and how can we make the requisite changes in ourselves to do so? I am going to examine the answers to these questions as I perceive them being given by Matt in the video from which I took the quotation above. Matt certainly does not need me to explain his clearly delivered messages, but many of us cannot spare the time, and maybe even the Internet data, to review a video that is well worth multiple replays.

Before examining the four stages, or phases of fifth dimensional initiation, however, I want to emphasize the point that Matt makes near the end of his presentation: FIFTH DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE NOR ANY ESOTERIC PRACTICES. The way forward is available to everyone. If the more esoteric practices are helpful to you, use them. Yet nothing more is required than our recognition that it is our divine nature and not any particular ritual or technique that powers our freedom of experience and creativity. That is very much what Bashar’s term “permission slip” is all about. (Google it if you need a review of that very significant concept.)

I have no desire to engage a world that is exclusive. I have no desire to engage a world in which only a few matter. That which we variously call The Divine, The Absolute, God, The Universe, All That Is… by whatever name, is INCLUSIVE. Nothing exists that is external to that UNITY. It is inherent in the nature of such a ONE that the means of spiritual advance be open to all. Please notice that, of Matt’s four hallmarks of initiation, none of them requires any knowledge or practices that are known only to an elite. They all are enjoined in even the simplest, most mundane behaviors of everyday life–- no esoterica required. They are directed, not toward the production of inward-turning spiritually isolated individuals, but toward expansion into benign and cooperative interaction with and among every-one. The merest intent to serve another, be they large or small, human or otherwise, suffices to anchor positive vibration. Anyone can do that. (For an informative, if not amusing, account of how “every-one” includes even the smallest bug, see Roberts, Jane (2013-02-01). The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material (Kindle Locations 3935ff). New Awareness Network, Inc.. Kindle Edition. There, Seth points out that “it is not only wise but advantageous to help any living creature, regardless of its stature in your scheme of things.” ) I make these introductory observations just so they won’t get lost in the ensuing details. It should be clear that our everyday practices, be they of great import in the eyes of the world or trivial in the eyes of most, provide all the opportunity necessary for fifth dimensional ascension.

Turning now to specifics, here are the qualities which Matt has identified as the four stages that are the hallmarks of those who are among the first wave of fifth dimensional ascension. (1) They make decisions that reflect an awareness of their accountability for “matching [their] choices with [their] deepest insights and wisdom”, thereby producing choices with the highest vibrational charge; (2) In the second stage, they honor the contribution to their spiritual growth made by everyone, even those who are behaving poorly, recognizing that every one is their teacher; (3) In the third stage, they act with humility, without the presumption that they know what life should have in store for them, but rather by “making life’s way [their] way; (4) In the fourth stage, they engage in service toward every single person whom they encounter, acting with love, compassion, and tolerance.

In the first stage, accountability, the primary goal is to increase the reliability with which we make choices which anchor higher vibrational energy:

Your choices contain energetic vibrations and the more often you make choices that feel good in your body and don’t make choices that don’t feel good in your body, you begin to inundate your vibration with a high vibrational frequency. As this happens, you start to feel better in your body, and you start to perceive things from an expanded level of consciousness, then you start to interact differently with the world; things that used to trigger you, people who used to trigger you don’t trigger you anymore; and all of a sudden you start attracting different situations and outcomes and people that match that new vibration. ….who we attract are reflections of the vibrations that we anchor through our choices. [circa 31:33]

As you make choices that anchor an increasing proportion of higher vibrational frequencies, you not only feel better, but you begin to “perceive things from an expanded level of consciousness;” you begin to attract more positive situations, “outcomes, and people that match that new vibration;” you begin to behave in a more loving manner, becoming less inclined to react with anger, as “people who used to trigger you don’t trigger you anymore.” And the way to increase the proportion of your choices which are of a higher vibration is simply a matter of ” using your physical body … like your intuitive measuring stick [emphasis mine], that says “when I feel good about choices, I am anchoring higher vibrational energy in my field.” and when I make choices that don’t feel good to me [I am] just…maintaining the lower vibrational energy that’s there.” Hence, making choices which “feel relaxing and exciting in your body” rather than making you “feel bad about yourself” or those that produce fear or anxiety, not only contributes to your feeling good, but to your possessing an expanded consciousness and becoming a more benign and loving person. Nothing esoteric or unavailable to anyone is required.

When we engage the second stage, honor, again we are not required to exercise any uncommon abilities. We simply need to recognize that everyone in our life, regardless of how they behave, serves us as a catalyst capable of moving us toward greater service to ourselves and others:

What does honor mean? Honor means the recognition that every single character in your holographic play is a catalyst, here only to help you awaken… everyone who acts unconsciously in your reality is actually embodying and reflecting back to you all of your past unconscious conditioning so that you get to see it from a different perspective….[they are asking you silently] “however you think I should behave is how you respond to me.” ….to get you to keep practicing bringing your greatest skills and wisdom into action, which is constantly anchoring more energy that you’ve learned in the first stage of accountability. [circa, 38:45]

When we behave with honor, we do not let the behavior of others dissuade us from acting the way we want to act; we do not behave poorly just because someone else is behaving poorly toward us. We recognize the opportunity to exercise and develop our own loving skills and insight. Matt associates behaving honorably with self respect, because it requires that we do not let our respect for ourselves depend upon the respect others may or may not give to us: “Honor, self respect. I am not nourished by what you give to me; I am nourished by what I give to you.” Behave in a loving, respectful way, regardless of how the other behaves. This serves you and serves all others, because all behavior, whether positive or negative, can teach you how YOU WANT TO BEHAVE. You behave honorably when you persist in your own integrity, without letting the reactions of others turn you from what you know is your choice. Thus, honor involves respecting both your self and others regardless of how others are acting. This stage does not ask of us anything that we cannot do in our daily lives.

When we engage the third stage, we act with humility. [Matt’s discussion of humility begins around the 48:28 time marker. ] We act with humility as a consequence of recognizing that many of the things that happen in our lives are intended to serve our higher good, we surrender to the fact that ” [our] life is already destined to be exactly what it needs to be, as a catalyst of [our] greatest evolution in every breath and every outcome.” We no longer assume that the way we want it is necessarily the way that best serves us or others. We no longer act with indignation or rancor when life does not transpire as we want. We bring “our way” into alignment with “life’s way.” As I once heard it said in a rather folksy way, happiness is not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you get. I suspect that this third stage will bring about that same result.

The fourth and final stage, service, is probably familiar to most of us. Matt gives a basic description of service in terms of how we act toward all others, regardless of whether we are in a formal service occupation or interacting with others in a less formal capacity:

Whether you are just interacting with your coworkers every day or you are just interacting with the public, how lovingly and compassionately and tolerant you become are the patterns that you are planting in humanity for it’s ascension. That’s service.[circa 52:55]

Placing heavy stress on the fact that the opportunity to render service is ubiquitous, everywhere at all times in our everyday life, we are admonished not to restrict our idea of service to being in a service profession. We may do that but it is not required; and if we do, our rendering service should nonetheless extend into our every encounter and not be restricted to whatever formal occupational role we may play. Hence, like that characteristic of all the other stages, the opportunity to engage in behavior which honors the stage of service is available to everyone, regardless of occupation or training.

Since we do not need a great deal of special training or esoteric knowledge in order to engage each of these stages, there is no reason to wait for some heroic event to start ! Please proceed. The opportunity is already here. There is no line, no waiting, no special training required. At the risk of being accused of over-indulging in a plethora of long quotations, I will not resist Matt’s closing statement.  It is too eloquent to ignore. Forgive me this extravagance. It is more than a summary. It reveals in a most instructive way what ASCENSION is all about. It is not about waiting for something to happen to you. It is about behaving in a way that brings you into alignment with a new world. The choice is yours to make.

Instead of trying to turn yourself into a project of spiritual perfectionism, just look at these four little phases: Where can I be more accountable? How can I be more honorable? How can I cultivate deeper humility and how can I live in greater service to those around me, including my self …So when you find yourself out of alignment, trying to manifest the very things that don’t show up, and even if you suspect “I’d like to raise my vibration and make my life more loving and gentle and easy,” OK, time to become more accountable, more honorable, cultivate more humility by living in service to the innocense in all hearts, one “I love you” at a time. And each of us live in our own world, our own holograms, where we each get to demonstrate this in action, and watch as it changes the experience of the character that you’re inhabiting and then over time it starts to reflect back to you a world that’s acting as conscious, accountable, honorable, humble, and in as much service to you as you are living for it. This is a time in history where we don’t live in a world, we start living for the world, you disappear out of the world you thought you were living in. You can call that ascension if you’d like. [circa 1:06:16.]

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  1. Jerry, thank you very much for this magnificent “concentration article”. It goes far beyond a short, not by extension but by the content.
    I found it extremely useful
    blessings to you

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    • Cristina,
      I, too, thank you for taking the time to express your reaction to Jerry’s work. It is what I had expected–that Jerry adds a new dimension to the website that many people will welcome. I know he has a lot to offer to the New Earth, as people yearn to understand and change.
      Blessings <3,


    • CRISTINA, I just noticed that I spelled your name incorrectly in my initial reply. I apologize for having been so careless. But this gives me an opportunity to add that I appreciate your having taken the time to write a comment, aside from it’s having been so generous. Most readers do not comment and I do not fault them for that, but I do appreciate those who do. It is the very kind of consideration which Matt Kahn and I admire and encourage. As I had hoped to convey, these seemingly small acts in consideration of others are in fact quite large in their cumulative effect. Thank you again.


      • Rosalie, Jerry, first of all thank you for being so kind in their responses to me.

        I only answer to his writings, because I think it’s the least we can do to a reader who so professionally and yet so selfless, share their work and reflections. While it is true that most of you reading the trouble to put at least a “thank you” are not taken.

        But it is also true that many writers, thinkers or channelers, climb onto the pedestal of “master” or “guru” and do not bother to answer (and perhaps not to read) who writes them.

        This of course is not the case for you. You belong to what I consider to be the true age of spirituality. Where help and assist us.
        Thanks to the miracle of internet communicate in real time with people from all over the world, which otherwise (unless we have transmitter / receiver with telepathic abilities … and that is not yet widespread lol ..) would be impossible to do. I myself am writing from the Principality of Asturias, a state in northern Spain.
        I think this whole two-way communication enriches us all. In fact I love it, among other things, this marvelous, when Rosalie hanging the post of Gaia Portal and makes their performances and asks us to give our own. Have I ever shared my performances here. That sounds wonderful and enriching for all.
        And now Rosalie, I must congratulate you on the “signing” of Jerry. I think brings an interesting part to its website. And it is beautiful that you will allow. Another that he was a “guru” would not allow a conflict of ego.
        No more to say, I say goodbye with love, thanking his work again and good work

        Oh and Jerry!!, do not apologize because of my name. you just have added a “h” to the name. I with my horrible English (I know I look like Tarzan speaking), add and remove many more letters and yet not apologize, hehehehe !! 😉
        With Love:


  2. Thank you, Christina, for your kind words. It is helpful to know someone was willing to wade through an article that is longer than many would wish to endure ! I had wondered if it were too long but felt that I would not do justice to the content if I divided it into smaller pieces.


  3. Cristina, your English is not horrible ! I was already appreciative that you had labored through my article despite its length. Now I see that you did so with the extra burden of its not being written in your native language. Rosalie is now attending a professional meeting of Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners in Arkansas, but I know she will be pleased to read your additional reply. She is very good at providing insight into the Gaia Portal posts, which I find much more cryptic than she does. Be assured that we will appreciate any comments you wish to make on our future posts. I am just an ordinary guy of modest means, which is actually quite fortunate because I do not have a pedestal upon which to sit.


  4. Thank you for the post on one of my favorite teachers. We seem to follow two of the same teachers Kryon and Matt Kahn. I discovered Kyron while researching what Matt was talking about when he said Pleiadians. Yeah, I am kind of an outsider to have even needed to look that up. I would be interested in Bashir, but he charges money to watch his teachings. He seems funny from the clips I’ve seen.

    At first I would check everyday for a new Matt Kahn video. Now I am behind on his teachings because I just felt to overwhelmed. I spent my free time watching K-pop music videos instead.


  5. Peacenowflower, thanks for letting us hear from you again. As has been previously noted on this site, Rosalie is attending a professional conference of QHHT practitioners in Arkansas and may not be able to monitor this blog site as regularly as usual, but she will be pleased to see this and all other comments. My allusion to Bashar’s concept of permission slips is a clue that I regard his messages as insightful. Since you indicated that it is difficult for you to access some of his teachings, if you have not already done so, I urge you to get these two free pdf downloads, QUEST FOR TRUTH is the first; BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE is the second. Both of these free downloads are based on larger books by the same name but they will cost money that many of us cannot spare. Personally, I find written texts easier to access for detail than is the case with videos, I am certain that Bashar himself is very interested in getting these messages to as many as are open to them. K-pop notwithstanding, I am also certain that you will benefit from reading both of these pdfs.


    • Thank you, I am a bit of a visual learner so to speak. More like a balanced learner. I can learn pretty well in all forms. Yet, give the choice I pick video over audio, and sometimes audio over written. If it is just audio, I do artwork while listening. I totally listen to an intense audio by Kryon about the Soul while drawing cute pictures of flowers. I cannot do artwork that takes too much thought then. Were you able to get Matt Kahn’s Beyond the Ordinary offer? It was costly, but curiosity won out over cost. I haven’t finished the offer, but there was one audio that was particularly important to me. The thing is that I cannot explain it as well as Matt. So without being able to post the audio (as the offer costs money) I cannot really Blog about it.

      Here is it in short. You are the gates to Heaven, and all the bad things chasing you are just trying to get into heaven. I have the ability to sense Spirits. They are attracted to me for that reason, and I was in the middle of putting up all kinds of psychic blocks, because everyone I ever asked about them, said they were bad Spirits.

      I wasn’t sure they were bad, but knew they were not perfect beings of light. They were more like beings that were good, pretending to be bad. To unravel my judgement. Somehow under the outer layer, I sensed good.

      Anyway, once again Matt Kahn encouraged me to accept instead of putting up blocks. I know he is usually referring to blocks against peoples energy, but there are other kinds of blocks too. Anyway, I cannot really explain as well as Matt. I just listened to it at the exact perfect moment. There was a lot more to the audio then what I have written.


  6. Dear peacenowflower, There is ignorance but there is no evil. It is well that you have the capacity to sense spirits and that you were able to sense the good in them. You are fortunate to have benefited from Matt’s guidance. I can only encourage you to serve in the capacity for which you are gifted. You are blessed with that capacity as are all whom you serve with it.


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