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The Path Forward: Changing the World versus Changing Yourself


Greetings again to a generous audience, and thanks again to Rosalie for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

Did you take due notice of the quotation with which Rosalie began a recent post, “What is Ascension and 5D Consciousness” ?  It is a quotation worth repeating:

We’re not really going anywhere; we’re just allowing fifth dimensional reality to come alive in our experience.-Matt Kahn

Reading Matt’s words reminded me of my early skepticism when I began reading predictions of mass evacuations of this planet and debates regarding who might be “left behind” and who might be transported away as we eagerly awaited the coming transformation and ascension. It is understandable that many assumed the major change to a “new earth” would necessitate some kind of physical transportation from here to there. If we were to accept that we will soon be living in a new house, most of us would also accept the tacit assumption that we will soon be moving.

But by now we should know that third dimensional logic does not apply. We can live in a new house without going anywhere—because we can experience different realities without going anywhere. It is not a matter of movement from here to there through third dimensional space. It is a matter of changing levels of vibration. This change, in turn, allows a new alignment with a new vibrational reality, no space travel required. (For a fascinating application of this principle to the space travel illusion, see Bashar’s description of how he and others navigate their craft from one “point” in space-time to another without traversing the so-called space in between, pages 221-222 of a pdf version of Blueprint for Change.)

Once we realize that we are dealing with a multiplex of potential vibrational realities, any of which can be experienced, we recognize that we need not change worlds to change what is experienced, we need to change vibrations. IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD THAT YOU EXPERIENCE, THEN IT IS YOU AND NOT THE WORLD THAT MUST BE CHANGED FIRST. Your vibrational level must change to align with the vibrational level of that you wish to experience. Bashar has emphasized this principle quite well:

Your society is now beginning to understand, both sociologically, metaphysically and scientifically, that each and every one of you, individually,and all of you collectively, have everything to do with the reality you experience. You are completely responsible for your experiential physical reality. And you are beginning to understand this now from many different points of view, not just from what you may have in the past called “the fringe element.” This is now trickling into your mainstream scientific and physics understanding: that you cannot have an experience without in some way, shape or form affecting that experience; the creating of that experience being absolutely inseparable from the experience that seems—seems—to be “outside” of you. So, when you change your beliefs about your reality, when you change your emotions and your thought patterns, when you change the frequency of the being you are sufficiently, you do see reflected back to you in no uncertain terms physiological manifestations of those changes. (Emphasis mine; Bashar, Quest For Truth, pdf page 3-4)

Although it is perfectly correct to say things like ‘the new earth is coming,” it is well to accompany any such statements with the knowledge that we are really talking about what we experience, and what YOU experience depends on you, on the extent to which YOU behave in ways that align YOUR vibration with that of the experience you seek. This is very much like Bashar’s navigational technique, aligning the vibration of his craft with that of the vibrational universe he seeks to explore. Bashar does not arrive at his desired destination by traversing from point A to point B, but by aligning with the requisite vibrational level of his desired destination. We do not arrive at a new earth or five dimensional experience by “going there” or by waiting for it to come to us, but by making the changes IN OURSELVES which align us with the vibrational level which allows us to experience that reality.

I am pleased to see the increased attention being given to the movement into a new era. However, I believe there are some serious misunderstandings as to the process involved in bringing it about. As Seth described the coming of this new era, words channeled in Session 742, April 16, 1975,

The species is now entering … a period in which it will come more into its own. Mankind will be entering its own new house, then — but the physical changes will be the results of interior ones…

(For much valuable detail about the changes in Mankind to which Seth alludes, see Roberts, Jane (2013-01-23). The “Unknown” Reality, Volume Two (A Seth Book) (Kindle Locations 7496-7528). Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.)

If those “interior ones” do not occur IN YOUR CASE, YOU will not experience the changes in YOUR physical world— because all physical phenomena, including this planet and all “things” in your life, are reflections of, manifestations of, prior “mental” (inner, nonphysical) processes. If YOU do not change your beliefs, intents, and desires, your world will not change either. Physical reality as YOU experience it does not “happen to” you; it happens through you. Through the nature of your choices, and their effect on your patterns of energy vibration, you choose the reality you experience every moment and you do not have to go to another planet to experience a different reality from that of those around you– you already ARE experiencing a different reality to the extent that your reality constructions are different. The notion of “multiple earths” is misleading if you insist that there must therefore be earths occupying a different space in physical reality, as many authors apparently do. There already ARE multiple earths and you do not have to “go somewhere else” to experience them. We do well to realize that we are not the passive recipients of an imposed physical reality. It follows then, that if you want to experience a DIFFERENT reality, you need to learn to initiate another DIFFERENTLY. That applies just as much to the coming of the 5th Dimensional World as it does to any other aspect of your life.

In closing, I will try this analogy. Imagine that you are in a train station with a hundred other people. Word has gotten out that there is a beautiful new train coming to the station but not everyone can get on it. Since the description of this train is so enticing, nearly everyone wants on that train. And so, they wait for it to come. The word is, really bad scurrilous people will not be allowed on the train, but that does not discourage anyone, because no one thinks of themselves as in any way falling into that category. And so, they wait for that promised train.

After a long time, some become discouraged because the train does not appear to them. They begin to resent the people they had previously believed who told them the train is coming. But they forgot an important part of the message, perhaps never delivered for some: YOU DRIVE YOUR OWN TRAIN. They thought some miraculous, benign OTHER, external to themselves, would drive that train right up to them. So some continued to sit, waiting for a train that will not come because they did not realize that they had to drive it to that station themselves; each one. Your physical world, whether you think it is good or bad, wonderful or a place of inevitable suffering, is experienced in accord with your own vibrational qualities.

So, instead of telling people that the wonderful train is coming if they will only trust, and wait, I prefer to tell them what I have just said. Such a train indeed exists, you can get on it, but there is no force external to yourself that is going to deliver that train to you, even though– and I really mean this– you are a creature of God. But if you are just sitting and waiting, you are in for a long wait.

Thanks for listening.

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