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First Wave of Ascension ~ The Light Body of Earth has Ascended

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Hi Everyone,

I sat today for a TAUK message and received this unexpected announcement from my dad, Ron. I hope you’ll join me in celebration and gratitude with visualizations of love and light! Much Love, Suzanne

July 11, 2015


[HI DAD!] HI SUZY! I love you. [I love you too!!]

Today I want you to know that the earth has reached a new tipping point. It has ascended its light body and its physical body is soon to follow.

[So what does that mean specifically?] It means the earth has shifted into full labor, so to speak. You won’t read about this in the paper but here is what I see from my vantage point. The energy around earth has grown to look like a rainbow of light. When seen in the frequency field of my spirit it resembles colors of the spectrum that completely dwarf the colors you can see. It is a living spectrum of love and light.

[Was there an event that triggered the tipping point?] It was a council meeting of the highest order of ascended masters. This, in linear time, has been discussed for awhile. In the time of no-time, where I am from, it was a feeling of momentum that the earth sent to us. She is opening her energy fields to the universal bodies that allow this ascension to happen.

[I see the image of a filter being removed around earth. Is it like that?] In a visual sense, yes. In the energetic sense it is like the rays of creation are flowing faster and stronger now.

What you will notice on earth is a quickening of time and intention. This means be mindful of your thoughts! You will create everything much faster now. This includes the full spectrum of human emotion.

Try to look at an event not with the eyes of personal advancement but with pure love for all. When done in this way your highest and greatest experiences will unfold quickly. No more time for humans to see events with the belief of “I know best”. Like your Ego friend who came to chat in your QHHT session talked about,  ALL understandings are shifting now.

Meditate, be in nature, picture colors and light swirling around you and earth. The Cosmos is exploding in joy and gratitude for this advancement. Enjoy the ride!

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