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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Changes in Your Universe Happen Quickly Now

I’m sorry that I’ve gone missing a lot, lately, as have many Lightworkers and teachers.  I haven’t yet posted on a couple of exciting topics I’d planned.  Energetic changes are moving us through our internal changes that often result in outer changes.  Sometimes we can’t get everything done and it’s good to rest when our bodies need it.

In the next couple of days, I’ll cover more about the current energies that are accelerating their push in the New Earth Transformation.  Today’s video is Dawn Marie explaining the effects of today’s New Moon in Gemini.  I’m posting late, but it will still be relevant after today.

warrior vs ordinary

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

You may not yet have discovered or begun to have the uncommon way of looking at things that a spiritual person develops.  It is to answer the common question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  Once we understand that we are truly self-responsible and are the real cause behind what happens to us in this agreed upon universe, we begin to ask,

Why did I bring this bad situation into my life?

When we are learning Conscious Creation, it is vexing when our desires are not manifest.  The ideas and methods are new to us, so it takes effort to understand them and how to apply them.  About a month straight of conscious effort in learning and practicing this by listening to my YouTube playlists, searching your heart to understand yourself and your desires, and non-judgmental self-observation will help it all gel.

My Recent Manifestations

In my last post, “Heart Work Is Hard Work”, I told my story of manifesting and allowing a very loving man to be in my life, opening up my heart to Love.  Besides that most important other, there were situations and conditions I wanted to manifest that never happened.  Those were the things I thought were a priority.  Not insignificantly they were the things I thought less likely to happen and felt more need of.  Consequently I did not follow that step in Creating of dropping it after putting out my intent.

Don't Struggle. Float.As much as I usually felt I expected to encounter my desires in my reality, I was masking a lack of belief in them.  That’s why I kept thinking of it.  If you find yourself constantly making effort to manifest with Law of Attraction, you will probably find nagging thoughts in the back of your mind that it won’t happen for you.  My YouTube page has a playlist on negative beliefs and getting past them.

For me, it was much about the security of career and income—financial security that gives a stable home and all necessities of life in my culture.  Or rather, about lack of it.  Financial insecurity has been a theme in my life for a long time.  For years I chose a career that had become unrewarding over a Path with Heart, for the money.

Last year, I moved into a tiny house in the woods where I didn’t really want to be, because it was something I, without savings, had the possibility of buying.  I took a job I didn’t want, to get the money to get the place I didn’t want.  “Yes, that will be security.  A worthy effort.  I can commune with nature in the woods.  It’s all good.”

I was actually choosing what I didn’t want, thinking that would bring me what I did want. 

Doesn’t work!

Since I had forgotten and so hadn’t blocked the “right man”, my Higher Self (HS), my Universe, was conspiring tirelessly to make it happen.  Now that it has, I can see that

  • He came for QHHT a month after I wrote what I wanted in a man.
  • His HS had suggested that I help him edit his writing.  (Good try, HS)
  • I had a thought to ask him to help me do something.  It seemed like that would have been a too forward request.  I liked him, but still considered him a client.  (Thought given me by my HS to get us together.  Nope.)
  • I was laid off from the wrong job, to get me back to Alabama, to spend time with him.  (Thanks, HS.  I’ll stay in FL.)
  • I had a big problem with the house in FL.  (Stayed.)
  • I didn’t have enough paying clients to make it in FL.  (I HAD to come back to AL!)
  • I was seeing my New Man a lot when I returned.  Meanwhile, I had problems with the tiny house in AL!  I couldn’t practice QHHT here without improvements.

What the hell was going on, with all these problems?!

How and why did I create this?

As I worked my blocks to love and opened to my New Man, I began also releasing blocks to receiving help from another, so I did accept his help in some ways.

The lesson is not to reject fulfillment of your desires because it doesn’t come in the way you thought it would or should.

My Man is so understanding of my need of security, and knowing it wouldn’t be right for me to feel dependent on him (how observant he is), he found a way to provide it.  I almost said no.  I had not sought a man out to do that for me.  Then I realized that was exactly why it was okay to accept his help.  I wasn’t trying to take advantage.  His HS and mine together had arranged our relationship because he needs me, too!

We are planning and arranging a situation in which we live close to each other, see more of each other, AND I have independence and security.  Magically, this plan improves my logistics for getting QHHT clients, provides a better place to do that work—a place where He, I or We can hold meetings and give classes and lectures.

The Lessons in My Experience

  1. Put out your intent and forget it.
  2. Listen to your guidance and intuition.  If a situation is thwarted or like wading through mud, consider whether to change direction.  A Path with Heart will have a feeling of ease.
  3. Open your heart to Love.  Not only romantic, but love of all Beings and all of Creation.  There is powerful magic in that.  It seems to me that it is really the Force of Love that creates.
  4. Observe yourself without judgment and keep clearing all negativity and blocks that become evident.

Magical manifestation will accelerate. 

The current Transformation energies that are preparing us for fully 5D life in our New Earth are helping us accomplish it.

Here, Dawn Marie explains something about the New Moon energies of today and how those energies are pushing us to charge forward in what we choose to manifest~really FAST!

Video Link

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