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Sleep and Psychic Parasites

Sweet DreamsHere I am writing about myself, again.  Hopefully this will be useful information for some of you.

I had had such insomnia.  It had gotten to where I was awake all night, then sleeping two nights, and continuing in that pattern.  I had begun to think that this is more than Transformation symptoms.

The last night in Florida, I had to stay up and pack all night, even if I could have slept.  After I got to Alabama, I didn’t sleep all that well the first night.  I decided to follow some advice from Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian.  Figured it couldn’t hurt to try it.

Andrew suggests that we may pick up psychic parasites that have come through the internet lines and wifi signals.  Those entities, he says, are a natural phenomenon.  Similar to how we have physical insects and parasites that break down and eat up waste in the physical realm, psychic parasites clean up matter in the spiritual level.  That may sound crazy, so let it flip your lid a little and chock it up to the convolution of the universe.  [Reference #6 of the 20 part Galactic History interview on YouTube.]

As any insomniac believes, anything is worth a try.  After all, I had been going to bed with kindle, computer, or iPad, plus the iPhone, leaving them on or in sleep mode, all night.

The advice:

1. Dissolve psychic parasites in your body.

1/2 c. plus another small amount of Himalayan or Kosher Sea Salt (no iodine).  Larger pieces, not fine grind.  The kind you would put into a salt or pepper mill.

Put the 1/2 c of the salt into a little bag and put it behind your neck.  You can use medical tape to strap it into place, if you like.

Tape another bag with a small amount of the salt at your tailbone.

Sleep with the two bags in place.  The salt essence will travel down the energy meridians and dissolve the parasites.

2. Prevention

Completely power down all devices before going to bed.  If you must keep the cell phone on, put it in another room.  Also put a bag of the salt on your router.

My results:

The first night of sleeping with the salt in place, I got several hours of good sleep, with more dreams than I’ve had in a long while.

The second night turned into the second day.  I slept until the following evening.  Yes, I had lost a lot of sleep beforehand, but I also have never slept that much, as far as I remember.

The third night I also slept well.  Then, after a night of not having enough sense to go to bed, the next night of sleep again extended into late afternoon.

If you give this remedy a try, please leave a comment, which email readers can do by replying to the email, or you can leave it below this post, on the site.

house in the woodsLife in the Shack

No, mine isn’t a big mansion like the picture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week, I stayed up too late (past 3) twice.  Maybe insomnia has ruined the habit of going to bed.  Now, sleeping on a patio settee, too short for even a shorty, is getting to me.  I didn’t sleep last night.

My neighbor has, thank God, taken most of the patio furniture that was in this tiny house, leaving me the settee and one comfortable chair, until I get a new bed and chair, which should be this week.  Now I can walk around better, even after I accepted his offer of a 42″ TV that comes out a couple of feet.  I ought to take a pic of the cluttered view across this room!  Na.  A mess, still, but I hope to have it looking and feeling good by the weekend, when I plan to sleep well on a mattress and spend a lot of time outdoors.  The birdsongs are beautiful and calming this morning.

There’s so much to tell you, to catch up on, in New Earth news.  First, I think a little nap.

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  1. Interesting post. I tried the salt trick during the day immediately and sure felt the energies change in my spine. I have turned off my computers every night ever since and sleep has been slightly different and dreams, too. I have never suffered from insomnia, but as an empath I think I easily draw unwanted energies to me and overload myself to a point of exhaustion. Thanks for posting. I have used salt before, but not in this way.

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  2. Thanks for posting your experience, Tailbook. I hope more people will try it. I’m still sleeping long into the afternoon when I need to. This has never happened before. Like you I would overload. Now I can’t but put my need for sleep ahead of even the house and the blog. Can’t drive myself. In 5D, I can see that we’ll have to take care of ourselves.


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