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Florida in the Rear View Mirror


Leaving Florida behind, at least for now, Alabama BeautifulI am back in the small woods, near Huntsville, AL.  The addition of my three huge suitcases to an already crowded tiny house presents a problem.  I’ll have to sell a few more things and find more suitable storage pieces to create room, before I can give more QHHT sessions here.

A most loving friend strapped the beautiful bluebird house he had made me onto a tree near the porch.  I am keeping an eye out for homesteaders or squatters, now.  bluebirdsHe also made me a walking stick with an ugly face on it, apologizing that he didn’t get it to be ugly enough, but I say the stick turned out how Spirit wanted it to be for me.  The “yard” has seriously grown up, so that I’d probably need a stick to scare snakes.  I was happy to hear that the landlord plans to come over and re-clear it, tree stumps and all.  Hopefully the blackberry bushes, or some of them, will remain, while I have an easy path down to the stream and can see it from the porch.

I have to limit internet use until I get DSL installed, so I’ll have to be uncharacteristically disciplined—no catching up on news with video interviews and reports.

I’m so sorry about the missing News and Information links on the right of the blog!  Owl with Head TwistedAs I was busy packing and should not have been on the computer, anyway, I started to make a modification to them, decided against it, and hit the Delete button, deleting all the links in one touch of a finger!  Yes, I was getting a little crazy with the move, and that made me crazier.  Now I’ve started restoring the links, this time with a backup copy, as any good software engineer would do.  If, by tomorrow, you notice a link that you used is still missing, please let me know via comment or email.

Feeling more grounded here in what I call the Witch’s Cottage, I begin a new chapter of my work.  As I had asked a client’s Subconscious, who had said he thought of himself as an old man, whether there was anything else he wanted to say, before we let him go, he said, “That doesn’t answer your question.”  “What, me?”  “Yes, about what to do next—which direction to take in your work.”  He told me that by now I would have chosen which to emphasize, of writing, working with other Lightworkers, or living as a hermit, working with nature.  I’ve made the choice on the emphasis in those three categories, and will continue practicing QHHT.


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  1. I’m a bit stunned. I began looking up QHHT & quickly intrigued but doubtful that anyone in my area would offer such a possibility & then you appeared. As I began looking at your sight I came across this blog entry. I live in Chattanooga & well, I’m stunned. When the Universe is so precise, forthcoming & giving in such short order…It’s stunning.

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  2. How cool, Zoe! Since leaving Melbourne, my life has changed in good and unexpected ways. I will move up near Florence, AL, out in the country, in a week and will begin taking clients in September. So call me after August. Hopefully, we will meet soon.


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