Time Is Personal ~ and Always Has Been

9914_667824776567961_1629157709_nTime Is One of the New 5D Freedoms

I don’t watch the clock like I used to, but yesterday I set the alarm for 6, so I could be ready for a QHHT client.  Getting up just before dawn to enjoy the quiet shadows and bird songs and the gradually increasing light and neighborhood sounds is a real pleasure for me.  Memories of beautiful morning experiences in beautiful places I’ve lived always crop up.

I accomplish a lot during the early hours, because of the enjoyment of it.  It’s always a surprise to find that it’s 9am.  Rising at 9, I don’t get much done by noon.  It seems I pack more time into the first three hours when I get up at 6.  When we feel that time has gone by slowly or quickly, then for us, time really has changed speed.  Time speed variance is not an illusion, but an experience.

We Have Agreed to This “Shared” Universe

These concepts were unknown to the everyday person in old 3D Earth, so it behooves me to backtrack a little before we get back to the topic of Time.

We each have an individual universe (path through the Multiverse) that we created and continue evolving for ourselves, in cooperation with others.  As incarnate beings, we are sharing parts of our experiences, to create an agreed upon universe.  We agree, as we come into this dimension, to include in our personal universe the larger framework of the cosmic bodies like planets and stars; natural Earth systems, like the seasons, ocean currents, sky and weather systems, countryside; and what has been reshaped by mankind.  This lets us evolve together, pulling or dragging each other along, the more powerful beings having more impact on the shared universe than the punier beings.  The sun has more effect than a mouse, while a powerful person has more effect than a weak-willed person.

Each Person’s Universe is Unique

A good example of this sharing would be two people living in the same town.  One habitually notices all the undesirable in life and tells himself that things are getting worse, while another waves off the unwanted, having chosen a habit of feeling life is a joy.  A new city project to upgrade streets and sidewalks of an area and to attract more people and businesses takes on two complexions for those two.  One sees real estate values and therefore, rents, go up, so that, “Poor people are pushed out and it’s racist.”  The other sees safer and more beautiful neighborhoods, nicer places to visit, more jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, and increased affluence for all.  Same town, two different universes.

We Had Agreed to Lock Step Time

Similarly, we agreed to share a measurement of time, which granularity eventually came down to the minutes on the clock.  We take as a basic truth that time is real, that it can be and is measured.  Really, we have individual time experiences, and have agreed to sync up—so much so that we feel we all experience the same universe with exactly the same time increments for everybody.

Shared time is so important to us, we constantly want to know what time it is, to make sure we’re in sync.  When you’re captively bored, time crawls, while, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  We feel those time contractions and expansions are less real than the time on the clock.  We shake ourselves and think that it only seemed like a long or short time, and we regain that in-sync feeling.  The experience of it is the only thing about time that can be said to be “real”.

Stretching Time

We’re not newly freed from the bounds of time.  Rather, we are freeing ourselves from a social agreement that became a belief system and was even called science.  But considering our experiences of time, the New Earth ability to stretch time is something we’ve always done.  The way to do it is to enjoy every minute of life.

Live in the Moment

Follow your highest delight, minute by minute, as Bashar says.  The long taught spiritual lesson is to live in the ever present NOW of “Multiverse pebbles”  that are existing, but not happening.  Nothing happens.  All the pebble “still frames” exist, simultaneously, and we focus our Awareness on them, going from one to another, giving us the feeling of movement.  [Search for earlier posts on Multiverse and pebbles.]

The more we live in the moment, the more time we “have”.  We “have time” to do what we want.


Movement and Time

Are Only As We

Personally Experience

the Constant

Refocus of Awareness

Abraham Hicks – Is Everything Happening Now?

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  1. Once we get away from that social agreement, we no longer need to worry about time, not enough time, etc. We can have ten hours in one. Think how that will lead to larger time leaps, time travel, believing that you could drop what you’re doing and be on the other side of the world in a blink, I could be living on the top of a mountain five minutes from now, having been there for 3 years. Time and consciousness are tied together. Keep thinking of how your beliefs about time and reality limit you now and what it’ll be like when they don’t.


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