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Am I As Crazy As I Think I AM?

FrustrationI’m sorry.

How could I have two of those awkward accidental posts in one week?

I have 30+ drafts—topics that I saw something on or that occurred to me.  When I get ready to write, though, I can’t pick one.  I saw on Pinterest that bloggers use blog plans.  I decided the best thing for me to do is to prioritize, number the drafts and write by number.  So I’ve done some editing and adding numbers to the titles.  NOW, I’ve figured out a method that won’t let this happen again.

While I was trying to type this note, the darn WordPress window kept popping up, “Howdy!  How can I help you?”  I told it to leave me alone…I cussed at it…It’s not a machine, but a real person doing it.  I apologized and told him it’s irritating.  He finally stopped after trying to chit chat.

Is it coincidental that again, I haven’t slept?  Oh, I tried.

See the crazy energies I created for my night?  The real problem is that I was out of the Vortex of Creation, that happy state.  Didn’t express my appreciations before trying to sleep.  Didn’t get into the Vortex when I gave up on sleep.

Back to Lesson 1. 

Always get into the Vortex before doing ANYTHING!

As long as I stay in the Vortex, the crazy side doesn’t show.

[This is Law of Attraction.  Listen to my Creating playlists.]

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  1. Prioritizing the drafts with numbers may be helpful, BUT I hope you will try this modification: Take the number one that you have symbolically pasted on priority draft number one and symbolically paste that number one on your forehead. YOU are number one.

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  2. Well, no need for an actual tattoo, but just don’t forget that you are more important than whatever tasks and deadlines you may have set for yourself, blog included. Besides, I’m crazier than you are, so if the Law of Attraction applies here, we are both crazy-funny. I just wish I had a funny face with a number one on it’s forehead to paste right HERE.

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