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Fireballs ~ Cabal Spaceships Being Blown Up? Just Sayin’

After preparing this post, I got to following other stories.  I read David Wilcock’s weekly comments on Benjamin Fulford’s latest (available on The Event Chronicle).  Somehow I stumbled across a breaking story about an American Military Satellite having exploded in space.  Due to the timing, this cannot explain the fireballs shown further down in this post.

Satellite Video Link

Was it purposely destroyed?

Also, I found this video showing two large triangular spacecraft recorded by the International Space Station (ISS).  Lately, I’ve seen a couple of other ISS recordings of UFOs.  This one so clearly shows the shapes.

Triangular Crafts Video Link

The number of world wide UFO sitings and clear recordings seems to be rapidly increasing.  Even if MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) still calls all of them UFO, can we simply call them spacecraft, at this point, no matter what the official lie or to whom they belong?

Fireballs in the Sky

Chinese Debris or...This has been going on for a week or so and I haven’t said anything.  Tonight I read more, so I just have to let you all know.  There are big booming sounds over many places, Florida being one of the main areas.  These are followed by balls of light, often red.

Recall that we’ve been expecting that when shit hits the fan, those working for the global Cabal, as promised, will be given a ride outta here in the Cabal’s spaceships.  Also promised was that the white hat boys would shoot them down.

RFireballs over Floridaead the comments following the story, too, at Florida Fireball with Boom on the American Meteor Society site.  They track reports from all over, on that site.  Pittsburg.  Chinese rocket debris over western statesHouston.

After watching, you may wonder just how many days worth of debris one Chinese rocket can create.

Were They Blown Up Cabal Spaceships?

Video Link 1

Video Link 2

Video Link 3

Video Link 4

Do you think Georgio Tsoukalos could be right?

Georgio Aliens

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