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Every Little Bit of Light Helps

I’m finishing up the task of rearranging things in the Alabama tiny house and packing to fly out tomorrow morning.  I’ve paused once in a while to write.  I’m in the Vortex of Creation—a requirement for writing.  There is one standard that I’ve not mentioned and that was not met with my effort early this evening.  Spirit must approve of it.  I was going to pass on something that I felt really was a positive response to a negative situation.  Then I started feeling I shouldn’t write it.  I tried a few more stabs at it, then left it.  Intuitively, by the feeling of impedance, I knew it was not wanted by patrons of my mission.

When It Flows, It’s Right

Okay, a new take.

Stand Where the Light ShinesYou have probably noticed that you don’t like to be around certain people or situations, or watch many TV shows, because the lower vibrations and the disharmony of them seems to shake your body and emotions.  You move away.  You may wonder how you ever did partake in certain activities and conversations.  You’ve changed.  Your vibrations are finer.  You hold more Light.  You’re like one of those new little kids that break down crying when they see sadness or pain.  Let those old relationships that no longer suit, go, in the most loving way possible.

People have mentioned that many in their circles have died in the past year or so.  Even animals.  Take heart.  Don’t feel sorry; they are dropping body because the soul desires they be put into more favorable circumstances.  Some species of animals are leaving the planet for their next adventure.  Other animals and humans are dropping body because, just like we find negativity to be too jarring, their physical and emotional systems can’t withstand the higher vibrations and level of light.  They aren’t bad.  They simply can’t withstand living in our current and rapidly approaching new environment.  They drop the old body to come back in, in a new body, DNA upgraded, one of those super smart, talented kids.

Many young people suddenly die, while in contrast, many older people continue living with sickly and painful bodies.  I know some who are in bad pain, but they keep on going, working as long as they can push it.  They have an ingrained positive attitude about life, living it the best they can, never giving up, even if they may sometimes cry in private.  They seem to have a good chance of never dying again on this Earth.  Some don’t give up because they believe their body will correct itself.  As time goes on, that will happen for more and more people.  Remember, some will be taken up and healed in the Sacred Cities of Light that are already here, seen by those with astral vision.

We no longer have to die, depending on the Light in our system. 

You - LightEvil is so disharmonious with the Mother Earth and the Universe that it requires much energy just to hold it together.  Work done by members of the Army of Light such as yourself is far more powerful than work of evil, because it is harmonious.

We are learning in the 5th Dimension that when we directly fight against something, we are contributing to its existence.  Ignoring it is better.  Rebuilding, rehabilitating, reconnecting or even replacing it by focusing on something else is best!  This is true of all unhappiness or negativity:  personal, social, business and spiritual.

Healers, shamans and other Light and energy workers clear, build up, restructure, connect, disconnect and change the vibration of energies to improve situations.  These energy workers don’t fight illness, for example, but facilitate health.  And they hold in mind—image—the desired state.  They use the same method of imaging when working with Light to mitigate conditions of nature and natural disasters.  They may see the problem and as they begin clearing it, see it as perfect.

Say you don’t have or can’t afford a teacher or a book?  You can do it creatively on your own, using your imagination, even if you haven’t been taught.  Energy work is art.  Do it your way.  Spirit will teach you, too, if you ask.  Remember these things, too, when you work with your Innate/Biological Spirit. [See the Biology of Belief posts.]  With only a little guidance, make it up as you go along!

Every Little Bit of Light Helps

Whenever you’re a little down, in pain, worried, or a little off, flip the switch to Happiness.  Focus on beauty, good feeling, anything positive.  Smile.  Move in a funny way or with enjoyable grace.  That brings in Light and that helps not only you, but all of Earth.  It’s good to do that throughout your day or while sitting quietly.  Make it a habit.

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