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The Awakening is Now

The Awakening is NOW

A fantastic message from GaiaPortal.

As usual, my comments on the article are in orange.  ~ rp

Forestations of confrontationals are now removed…

30 Jan

gaia_energy1Forestations of confrontationals are now removed.

Hmm, I suspect this relates to some of the Light forces work, mentioned in my post of yesterday, or a continuation of it.  Perhaps clearing on other levels, as well.  Removal of confrontation causes can only be really good!

Next energetic phase begins.

Thinking back on it, we’ve been through a phases of building Transformational energies, all Karma cleared (though our bodies and emotions might now know that), clearing our emotional issues, thoughtform beings cleared, layers of social energies cleared (including financial and governmental). 

So we’ve been through much clearing of many energies.

David Wilcox said that a whole new timeline was created, to hasten removal of the Chimera, Cabal, Illuminati, etc.—the bad guys, much of whom and which structures have been removed.  I.e., more clearing.

Now, the clearing stage wanes, while a new phase begins.  What is it?

Harbingers of Light are viewed in spectacular displays.

We’ve already looked at the shocking and beautiful displays of Light, world wide.

Concomitant releases and influxes of variant energies come forth.

We can see that for Earth as a whole, and for each of us.  Release of darkness is still going on, allowing more Light to the planet in ways and having effects we can’t yet imagine.  Release of old systems—financial, education, child rearing, government, other social interactions, medical, insurances, scientific, ALL systems—leaves room for new and better ones.

We still release energies of old beliefs and connections, while new energies change us. 

hu-man awareness leaps to the Hue-level.

We are becoming true Hue-Mans.

I usually refer to the awakened people, Hue-Mans, as “spiritual people”, and the hu-mans as “regular people”.  Up until now, most religious people have been regular people, with only a slight inkling of a concept of higher beings.

Regular people are suddenly becoming more aware.  Aware of themselves as a higher being, not just a smart animal.  I guess you could say that they are suddenly becoming 5D people, with new abilities, expanded understanding, intuition, gaining a feeling of a higher purpose, of serving on a higher level than real world.  Hue-Mans look for guidance from spirit—from their Higher Self (not that personality/ego person, like Rosalie), Spirit Guides and other Higher Beings (higher than we are as real world embodied people), God/the Source/the One/the All/the Universe.  Hue-Mans emphasize Love, Light and Life.  They feel and think with the heart.

If you’ve becoming like that, well, I’ll refrain from calling you New Age, since you might not take to that.  Ha!

Rapid uplifts come for all of Gaia.

Earth and every conscious on and in her are rapidly increasing in energetic frequency! 

Such great news!

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