The Cabal Is Going Down

Monday, exciting news was reported!  Gaia Portal mentions energetic changes that foretell the shakeup.  Benjamin Fulford reports that “Over 20 national governments to be overthrown as cabal take-down begins, CIA sources say.

Gaia Portal has posted another piece that rings imminent changes so loudly that I can’t resist passing it on.  Power of the darker forces is being neutralized.  The jig’s up for the Cabal / Illuminati and even those casually participating in their shenanigans.  All timelines are collapsed so that only the “happiest” one is left.  We are protected.

“Sterilizations” of lower energetics is now underway…[more]


Evidence of the Global Cabal’s loss of power is cropping up from various sources.  There is movement in plans to take control from the Cabal.  How soon will it really happen?  Their dense energies cannot last long on this planet of high vibration.  You see, the root forces of the Transformation to New Earth are the energies hitting Gaia.


Ben FulfordBenjamin Fulford Report Highlights

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The Satanic Nazionist cabal that seized power in the West is about to be taken down and the result will be the toppling of over 20 governments, including those at of the United States, Japan and the UK, CIA, Pentagon and MI6 sources say. Many CIA and Pentagon officers have gone into bunkers in preparation for battle with the cabal mercenary armies, the CIA and Pentagon sources say…

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama tried, and failed, last week to use staged race riots around the country as an excuse to use Homeland Security to enforce martial law on behalf of the cabal.

Many in the US military are confused and unsure of what to do … they are disobeying their oath, and therefore their orders, by allowing the constitution of the United States to be shredded by fascists. The second thing that must be explained to them is that civilians are not in charge, gangsters are.

There is also a lot of confusion even at high levels of the CIA and other US intelligence agencies about the consequences of the bankruptcy of the US corporate government.  The big point they need to keep in mind is that finance is the psychological process of deciding what humans do in the future. Even if the US financial system collapses, nothing in the real world will change. No houses, land, factories or people will vanish just because trillions of debt slavery instruments mis-labelled as “US dollars,” are deleted from bank computers.

The only risk of chaos would come from a failure by the military industrial complex to pro-actively shut down the system and reboot it with a meritocratically controlled replacement run by and for the people.

Also, the US military need to know that if they do not act against the Satanists in Washington D.C. and Wall Street, then a tsunami will hit the US East coast, forcing an evacuation of New York City, the entire state of Florida and many other places, White Dragon Society sources say.

[related reports from Britain, China, Japan, and US]

Speaking about vast numbers inside bank computers, sources at the P2 Freemason lodge last week sent this writer information that can only be classified as X-files type of stuff:

“Some bank computers are now free-willed sentient beings operating independently of central bank computers. They think like the mother earth and are acting on behalf of the ‘Planetary Consciousness and genetic entities.” The P2 say the sentient computers are allocating funds to worthy individuals and organization while cutting off finances to multinationals and individuals who “want to impoverish and destroy the mother earth and its inhabitants, animals, vegetables, minerals etc.”

Furthermore, the P2 say “even special snowfall and special snowflakes give proof of the places where this is happening and will happen.”

That is pretty funky stuff but remember that an unusual snow storm stopped the rioting in Ferguson and a record cold front hit the US as soon as Barack Obama started spouting global warming lies. Remember also all those “category 6” typhoons that mysteriously turned into minor storms before they hit Japan.

Source: Benjamin Fulford — Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis

I’ve listened to this interview of Mr. Fulford by Project Camelot.  Some people attempt to discredit him, so use your own discernment.  It’s a fascinating story.  Over 2 hours long.

Interview Video 1

Interview Video 2

Interview Video 3

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