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Thanksgiving and Gratitude – The Council

I have recently begun giving thanks and feeling gratitude every morning. I’m not good with being habitual, so I’m working on it. In this post from Ron, he shares the message given him by a Council of high beings. They say that our thanks giving is appreciated and that they hold gratitude, too.

Gratitude is felt as a clearing and relaxation in the body. It’s good for the heart. It’s a practice of love. It cleans our energy and clears and strengthens our connection to Source. Let’s all make it a habit.

I’m thankful for you, dear readers, and all the progress we make in the Transformation. We bring each other up.

Oracles and Healers

councilThe Council

Today is the day that the country of our channel has labeled Thanksgiving. We know that giving thanks is the daily, even constant, practice of many of those who read and listen to our messages. And we further know that those of you who do this need no reminder of the immense power of this consciousness of gratitude in your lives. We wish, however, to recommend it to any who are beginning on what you term ‘the path’.

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