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Notes on a Few Changes ~ Light Flashes, Sensing Comet, Religion

I’m taking it easy today, giving some observations on the current state of events in the Transformation.

Energies – “Dances of Flash Energies becomes visible to all of Gaia.”

Are you feeling the energetic changes?  This week I felt a lot of activity, went through some physical pains and felt my path in the Multiverse shifting many times.

gaia_energy1Gaia Portal posts can sometimes be difficult to decipher, so I’ll tell you, the last several articles indicate big pushes toward mass Transformation, with big energies and by big beings.  The quote about energy flashes becoming visible is from today’s article.  Have you been watching for the light shows in the sky?  Large and small light flashes are now being reported.  I’ve noticed little patches of beautiful light in the sky.

I searched for flashes of light during the past 1 month, on YouTube.  Here are the first several I found.

This first one is interesting, as the sun has gone down, and not just due to dark clouds, but it was past sunset time by like 23 minutes.  I do often see small bright spots, all day long, and they don’t look how sometimes the eastern sky can be lit from the western sunset.  Really bright, and peaking through, sometimes a small hole.  Here’s South Carolina.

SC Link

In NE USA, we’re told it was a meteor.


Bay Area Link

Anaheim, CA Link

Western Washing Link


Link – Flashes of Light in Russia

“Comet” 67P, Rosetta, and “Contact” with Vega

A friend of mine was all excited about the Rosetta mission and his feeling that it would find life and disprove the religious teachings of creation.  I told him that we already know there is life on comets, but it would be great if scientists knew it, too.  I sent him some links of unorthodox opinions of Rosetta.  Here is the one source on the subject that I think is worthwhile, as I do respect Tolec.

Tolec Link

Another Note on Religion

I was just listening to Kryon this morning, advising religious leaders to elevate their understand and message to exactly what this priest says.

Priest Link

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  1. Not sure about the first video about the comet being a probe as it seems a bit “out there” for me still. The second video about the priest talking about Hell was brilliant! I haven’t noticed any lights in the sky, nothing unusual here in Vegas…at least, not yet.

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    • Yes, the Tolec video is on the edge of people’s comfort. I’m glad you are using your own discernment. Sometimes I’ve heard of some things and thought, “Well, I don’t know about THAT!” So just take it with a grain of salt.


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