Ordinary People Facilitating Evil

The Banality of Evil

This is a topic that ought to be discussed today, as we awaken to how good people are brainwashed into willing acceptance of paper shackles for themselves, and steel shackles for others.

Thinking ItselfBanal – commonplace, ordinary.  Most of my choices in movies can not be called banal.  A lot of the films I like show life or living in a way that’s new to me, or gives me a new perspective.  The genre doesn’t matter.  You may not enjoy the movie, “Hannah Arendt”, but there’s a message in it.  It is based on Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, first appearing in the New Yorker as a series of essays, on the war crimes trial of a holocaust organizer, Adolf Eichmann.  Eichmann felt and said that he did nothing wrong.  He didn’t shoot or gas anyone; he only, day to day, did his job.  Here is a short movie trailer:

Link to Trailer Video

I had forgotten why I’d saved the link to a review of this movie, until I noticed I had left this comment in agreement with another commenter, and I knew I’d saved it for you, dear Reader:

You have said it well, Mr. Shaw. Arendt’s deep feeling was evident throughout the movie, and in no way was she shown to be arrogant. The movie showed her price for saying what needed to be told about how ordinary people can commit evil, as a matter of remaining within the boundaries of their defined safe lives. This is a topic that ought to be discussed today, as we awaken to how good people are brainwashed into willing acceptance of paper shackles for themselves, and steel shackles for others.

Arendt was ostracized for not demonizing Eichmann’s acts as inherently evil.  Not only that, but she pointed out the role of Jewish leaders and even the victims in cooperating with the perpetrators.  Everyone was just doing their job or doing what was expected of them.  But they had refused to be human, Arendt said, to think and to take responsibility.

These two clips are segments from her final speech in the movie.  The second one I have set to play only the last couple of minutes.  If you have time, just skip the first and reset the second to watch the whole clip.

Video Link

Video Link

We cannot even tell right from wrong when we lose our capacity for thought. 

This is one of the major reasons why our society is being, has been, dumbed down with schools designed to create unthinking robots and media designed to make us concentrate on unfounded fear, materiality and mindless activities.

This is why we have socialists who preach theft from other citizens, under the euphemism “wealth distribution”.  This is why people will vote for whomever is likely to give them “free” health care, never mind that the  Constitution does not give the gov that power or responsibility.  Our grandparents allowed Social Security to take our money and give us a number used to track us, for the personal greed of wanting an old age pension.  Yes, there were altruistic notions, but greed drove that turn away from the Constitution—that greatest document on Earth, far more freeing of the spirit than any religion or any book!

Just doing their jobs without thought.  Refusal to act as human.  Is this why our policemen are turning to rabid Nazi dogs?  Is this why they are throwing homeless into FEMA camps, as a first case, for the Nazis that run our bogus governments on all levels?  And why they committed the crime of carrying out martial law after the Boston Marathon, in nearby neighborhoods?  Like Eichmann, they are just doing their jobs, they think.  But in the inoperable, but not defunct, US of A, that excuse does not hold, as we bear self responsibility for all our acts.

Worst of all is the excuse that it is out of our control, that “They” are doing it to us.  THINK about it!  We never lost our responsibility in America.

We Have Help

Even though I did finally stop my political freedom fight and agree with the shaman that, “Only spirit can help us now,” I realize that great spirits are all over us now, helping us.  The are sending us transformational energies.  They are here to guide the lightworkers, teachers and anyone who wakes up and wants to help himself and Earth humanity.  They are the archangels and ascended ones who no longer need to be here, and the ET of higher dimensions who are assisting.  They are all here, not to do it for us or take over, but to make sure we do wake up, to guide our paths, to rope in the worst of the evil ones, and to assist us into our New Lives in our New Earth.

It is our personal, individual responsibility to gain our own freedom and that of all human souls on Earth.  And therefore, we are responsible not only for our actions, but for our thoughts, or lack thereof. 

Turn your thoughts to freedom and away from evil.

Study Conscious Creation by listening to my YouTube Creating playlists, until you understand and can use the Law of Attraction / Harmonic Resonance to create freedom in your own life and life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all beings on the planet.

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