Freedom Is Spiritual

The Way to Peace is Peace

A lot of people think their spirituality must be above social, political, and financial concerns.  It seems the Universe thinks differently.  The New Earth is about Freedom, in all concerns.

Without Freedom, you may not be able to practice your spirituality, for one thing.  You know that, from history.  The Universe wants us to be able to act as our Higher Selves, for without us shining our lights, the Universe is incomplete.

PeaceWe have allowed global tyranny to control almost every aspect of our lives, at least all of us but the children, who are born wiser, with DNA upgrade in place, who can’t be dumbed down and dimmed without being given ADD/ADHD drugs.  I can see that we, like the evil ones, have played our parts in this play of forgetting and remembering who we are and how powerful we are.

We did not come from Source to remain as slaves to global controllers, but to live abundant, free lives that allow us to experience whatever we choose.  All right, we’ve had enough of these dark experiences.  It’s time to regain power and abilities that we used to have—all the extrasensory abilities, conscious creation with free expression, and we are regaining feelings of unfettered love we once expressed.

I had meant to combine Kenneth Rellum’s poem, Third World War, with this post, but messed up the reblog.  That’s okay.  It will draw more attention to it.  The poem ends with

Brave enough

To face the indoctrination

And growing madness

We witness every day

Happy Go Local Yes, the Freedom Fight is spiritual.  Let’s do it with that in mind.  Let’s not ask controllers for anything.  Let’s not dwell on their negative actions, but do what we can when it presents itself, not holding it in our minds to create more of it.  Rather, let’s ignore them in every way we can.  Let’s go forward in ways that reflect our facet of the Source, like Kenneth with poetry, and me with words, like natural leaders who will help their communities, help us go local; teachers who will inspire and truly educate; bankers who will take care and not steal; business owners who are out to better their communities; true scientists who will better our lives.  People with ideas we’ve never thought of.

Shop LocalThe Go Local movement will solve problems world round.  Here’s an example of what can be done, but there is no reason to connect with the Illuminati’s United Nations, as Ghana did.  Individual and group investors will be found via the internet to do such things without enslavement.

Video Link

Here are some first steps being accomplished:

Video 2

Local Power:

Video 3

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