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It’s time to clean up attitudes and language regarding this division.  I no longer favor the terms left wing and right wing.  I’m dropping them.  both partiesThey mean differing things to people.  I speak in generalities here, so don’t go off argumentative about that.  It’s only my general perspective.  Feel free to comment.

Left wing, to some, means standing for and helping the people, while to others it means big government control in the guise of helping people.  Right wing can mean anything from fascism to freedom and small government.  People who emphasize freedom tend to think of themselves as right wing; those who emphasize helping others tend to think of themselves as left wing.  They both sound good to a lot of good people who want the best for all people.

The freedom fighting right wingers see small government as the best means of helping people – keeping the gov out of their lives, so that, through individual freedom, they may self actualize.  They think that assistance is best given by local government and through private donations.  They believe this is a constitutional, freedom preserving philosophy, waste avoiding, and most helpful for all people.

The less philosophical left wingers tend to favor any law that they see as helping any category of people, any situation.  They act with love or desire to be a good person.  They expect the highest level of government to take care of all needy people.  They don’t think much of philosophy and Constitution, but feel the end justifies the means.

This morning, I’m looking at those two groups as an indication of left brain and right brain thinking, the freedom fighter rationally arriving at a philosophy that helps people; the people lovers leading with their heart, not rationally thinking through consequences.  This probably occurred to me because of the differences in left brain and right brain types that affect ease of hypnosis.Left_Right_Brain

I can imagine a Cabal meeting where they decided that people would be more easily controlled if two parties were created.  This would make people feel like they had a choice, that their vote counted, that they had a say in government, while they’d run both parties.  It is an ingenious idea that works so well, they use the same model in their fake governments, world wide.  For any political race, they offer two candidates and now use voting machines to more easily assure that their choice of the two wins.  Recall how they manipulated confusion in the 2000 American presidential election, to convince the people that voting machines would be more accurate.  Being a software engineer, I can say otherwise.  They offer incentives to get local governments to buy the “right” machines.  These are all black box, meaning there is no acceptance testing overseen by the people.

faux_news_imageI can imagine the Cabal group, having decided upon two parties, and someone asks what the two should stand for.  Human nature is much the same, in any country.  How could they divide the people into two camps?

They call in their psychologists, who brilliantly think of a universal difference among people and map out a tactic based on left brain / right brain dominance.  It has worked very well, constantly refueled by artificially induced controversies.  Always two sides.  That is why they divide people into categories and present one side as pro and the other as anti the group.  Gays / homophobes, feminists / misogynists, racists/non-racists,…—offensive inaccurate labels are ascribed to divide and upset.  Now the “news”, which the Cabal owns, is a lot of arguing on “issues” and presentation of false flag events, staged upsetting dramas.  They want people to be upset for many reasons, none good.  This and the above video are enough reason to stop watching the faux news.

Let’s refuse to play the games of the controllers.  Free speech is important to free spirits.  That includes not only freedom to speak, but free choice of how to speak and the words to use.  What say we drop the left/right distinction  and other Cabal labels regarding politics.  Let’s all work against the Cabal, mostly by ignoring them and acting in all ways as free spirits, respecting each other, for we all are, at the very highest part of ourselves, Consciousness, aspects of Source.

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  1. Reblogged this on thepoliticalvagina and commented:
    It has become apparent to me that we are being goaded into anger and fear.
    Fearful angry minds do not think clearly.
    Be not afraid, nor angry – love is the antidote.
    Like any game player who sledges his opponent to get the upper hand in a game, our current puppet er um Prime Minister and his minions are all doing the best to incite fear and anger to confuse and distract and rule over us.
    Austerity is yet another manipulation.

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