You Must Free Yourself First

Remember, most of us on this Earth are not bound by anything but paper shackles.  We can free ourselves by acting as sovereign free agents.  Therefore, you have to free yourself before you can free your community.

flowering consciousnessAt this time of Transformation, it is evident that we have divided into two camps, the positive and the negative, the 5D and 4D residents sharing the same streets.  A lot of people go back and forth between the two dimensions, still a little swayed by moods and negative thought themes.  Most of us still have some limited degree of fluctuation, as we go through each day, gradually shedding negative self talk.  Each person’s spirit wants him to wake up and free himself.  That’s a fortunate tilt in favor of Freedom in 5D New Earth.  Freedom will not be found in 4D.

In either dimension, a person may or may not be awake.  I have a friend who is happy and positive, who doesn’t know much of what’s going on.  She’s working toward a happy future—positive, in 5D, but not awake.  On the 4D side you have people who see the tyrannical forces and dwell on it, complaining, talking about it, thinking they are controlled.  They spend a lot of time being worried and upset.  Neither of those two groups are any good for making positive community change—the one not seeing a need, the other unable to think and act positively.

The creativity to envision your free community can only flow with a positive mindset.  [I can’t even write a blog post unless I’m in the Vortex of Creation.]  The awake 5D person, able to think and act freely and creatively, is fully prepared to go local.

The FutureThe awake 4D person will likely see the logic of taking care of their own community, but will need to become positive.  How can that person become an effective agent for Freedom?  To start out, all that is required is to want to, and consciously choose, to act as a free person.  That changes his direction along the pebbles of the multiverse.  By that choice, he begins directing the force of intent that flows through all of us, towards free action.

Remember that earlier quote of W. H. Murray about commitment, that it causes Providence to move, bringing in synchronicities to assist you.  Also, energy follows motivation.  Therefore, whether 4D or 5D, once you choose to take control of your community, you will awaken your inner power and you will have assistance from higher realms.  Creativity will flow as you design the life you want for yourself and your neighbors.

You can maintain that momentum by choosing to act freely, moment by moment making the most positive choice of action, according to your intent.  In that, you will have found your path will heart.  If you were 4D, guess what!  You will have crossed into 5D, having jumped to a new positive path in the multiverse.

As the 5D awake people begin taking action, the sleeping 5D residents will awaken to the reason and goodness in it and join in.  That new collective consciousness will inspire many and I hope all, of the 4D sheeple to awaken and change.  Together, we will create a new shared universe of freedom and joy for everyone.

The topic of 4D controllers will be addressed at a later time.  Many of them are awakening, but are in a tough spot.

Here’s a video of Julia Cannon doing a good job of explaining the two camps we are currently divided into.

Video Link


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