Change Your Past

I want to introduce two ideas that are shocking to most people.  The first is that atoms, molecules and plasma are conscious beings—Spirit.  Your body is made of conscious beings.  Science now knows that our bodies depend on bacteria.  These are conscious creatures.  Not only that, but each cell in your body, each organ, and all kinds of other body elements are beings.  We are host to billions of physical entities. 

Thought Form


The second shocker is that your thoughts are conscious beingsWe are also inhabited by billions of living thoughts.

A symbiotic relationship exists between our physical bodies and our spirits.  They co-evolve.  Similar to genetics, our thoughts have lineages that have been formed by experiences and molded into stories that we constantly tell ourselves.  Our stories have co-evolved with our collective consciousness.  Individually, we decide which thoughts  to use to interpret each moment.  a37c3d41abe5295e451c9d8044891727

We understand our past by the stories we tell ourselves about the past.  Those stories, then, affect our present and our future.

In our multiverse model¹, our past is the path of pebbles behind us that we have taken.  The still snapshot images on the multiverse pebbles contain ideas, thought forms, of all kinds.  We incarnate with an agreement to experience a set of themes, certain stories along the pebble paths.  10155872_10152069923383807_4654523449931329089_nHowever, we know we have the ability to step or jump over to a different pebble path and create a new personal universe in the multiverse, and that to do so requires a change in vibration.  Each of our stories has a vibration.  We can’t change our vibration, and thus our timeline, without changing the stories we are exploring and evolving with.

 Our pasts, and therefore our paths, are held in place by our stories.

adc123b885f6be856abda2db2245de66In the video below, Don Juan had something to say about our stories.  We constantly describe the world to ourselves.  Mostly we repeat our stories, no matter how negative [those “Sticky Labels“], to hold our world steady, in the shape that we think it should be.  And while we are talking, we choose our path.  If we want a new path, we have to stop repeating the stories.  We need to change the internal dialog.

If we want to create a different future—switch timelines, we have to explain our past differently, choose as our past, a different pebble path in the multiverse.  You see, we may choose a new universe, a new future, but we actually must change our past first, by changing our stories.

We’ll think about how to change those stories in the next New Earth Blog post.

[Note that Don Juan uses the word sorcerer, as he said in the books, due to the lack of a better word.  I’d probably say shaman.]


1  Click on “Multiverse” in the Category cloud and read those posts to find out about the pebbles.

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