New Earth Renaissance Has Begun

earth_butterflyThe reason I stopped thinking about and paying much attention to the negative, the sad, shame, and evil of some Earths in the Multiverse is that I don’t want them to exist.  What we put our attention on grows.  We are POWERFUL creators.  We create with Consciousness.  Actually, we ARE Consciousness, using our Awareness to create.

Let’s say that in someone’s universe, they become aware of some ways that their government tramples on their Freedom.  Take food.  Controllers create food that’s harmful to the people, and they outlaw gardens and sharing good fresh natural food.  Alarmed and fearful, that person focuses on it.  They surf for more information, how it’s done, how widely it’s being done, what other tyrannical actions are being done.  They then tell everyone they know what’s happening.  Then more people are holding that awareness.  Negativity builds, as they create more and more of what they don’t want.

Do we really want to explore more negative?  On this planet, we have done about as much of that as can be done.  In today’s first video, Bashar explains that currently existing Earths in the Multiverse span from having obliterated ourselves to having brought ourselves to a higher state of existence, where negativity does not exist.  Let’s shoot for the latter.

That video is from 2012.  So much has changed since then.  Happily, in my and I hope your universe, positivity now outweighs negativity.  We are watching old systems collapse under their own untenability: banking, currency, faux medicine, etc.  I choose to focus on positive solutions, as we are taking first steps in the new creative Renaissance.  Trend analyst, Gerald Celente, began predicting this Renaissance several years ago, and now I see it happening.

Daily Bell: What are the next big trends you see, one to five?

Gerald Celente: There is a Renaissance. It’s already happening, there is a food Renaissance going on that cannot be denied. There is a nationwide “buy local” movement, anti-GMO, anti-factory farming, no pesticides or additives … the food trend is clear, the shift is underway…

New Millennium Education will be a crucial element in fostering an Era of Enlightenment. You’ll have superstar teachers, the best in the field, teaching literally millions of people at one time. From kindergarten up to the Ph.D., a whole new system of teaching and learning is a major positive trend.

I also believe a big game changer will be in alternative energy. Something far greater than wind, solar, geothermal, bio-fuel. And once it is brought to market, it will have a more profound effect on society than even the dot-com digital revolution.

…alternative energy…  will change Middle East policy

Also, a new, clean, infinite energy will boost economic growth worldwide

I also believe in the need for a “Verdi Factor.” It is impossible for a true Renaissance to blossom without the recognition and appreciation of the role of art and beauty.

… art is the way of finding the true meaning of the human spirit… And beauty, to me, is the antidote to fear…

…fundamental appreciation of craftsmanship. Art and architecture reveal the soul of any given civilization. History books are almost unnecessary. Walmart, Home Depot, Staples, McDonalds, Trump Tower, the shopping mall, the strip mall and on down to faceless low-income housing development … all bear mute, irrevocable witness to what we of the 21st century have become … and why we must change before we perish beneath an avalanche of ugliness.

from this interview on Lew

Even more solutions are already being developed.  These will ease changes, as control falls away.  So don’t be fearful.  Make that choice between fear and love.  Love will bring on the full blown Renaissance!

From now on, every Sunday I will post on solutions to the problems noted in Liberty, which is on the Menu.  Please comment or email me with news and ideas for this revolution.  I invite you to submit your own article via email, if you would like to have it posted as yours.

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  1. I completely agree – I tell everyone – What We resist, persists … We Create The New World we wish by focusing all of Our Energy and Intent on That, not on the destruction of the old – the old is already going away…

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  2. Yes, you get what you concentrate on. I didn’t realise this is becoming a widely known truth from the one people to the one earth nation any beyond. It gives me great satisfaction to hear you express that. Thank you. May we all meet someday.

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