A Few Beginner Meditations

Here are a few guided meditations I found on YouTube.  I shied away from the yoga posture type, because many people can’t sit like that, or the no thought method simply doesn’t work well for them.  Those videos are easy to find.  I wanted something around 30 minutes long.  I didn’t want to involve the chakras (energy vortexes in the body), healing, creating, or releasing anything but stress, for this beginner sample.

I suggest either sitting upright, feet flat on the floor, hands on the thighs, or lying on your back arms at sides or thrown out.  Adjust these as you need, for complete comfort.  If you have back issues, you could even lie on your side, as long as you can get situated so that there is not too much pressure on any part of your body, making sure that the neck can be very relaxed, no strain anywhere.  Try these, and then see what else you can find on YouTube to try out.  Feel free to leave comments.  Enjoy!



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