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Respecting the Creator Requires Respect for the Creation: An Ongoing Environmental Challenge in Alabama

Living Local ~ Creating a Beautiful Life

Tyson Fishkill, Mulberry Fork of Sipsey River, Alabama

Photo: Black Warrior Riverkeeper; Nelson Brooke

Greetings my friends.  Yesterday, November 20, I noticed an article in our local paper, The Times Daily ( ). This article reports on recent developments in the investigation of ” the largest recorded fish kill in state history.” I decided to read about the incident by searching for other articles on the internet.

The Times Daily article quotes the director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s  strongly-worded assurance that our environment shall be protected and that violators shall pay the price of remediation:

Director of ADEM Lance LeFluer told Alabama Daily News in July that “Tyson will be held accountable for any violations to the Clean Water Act, for remediation of environmental damage, and loss of use of natural resources by Alabama citizens.

That sounds good.  But I found an earlier article published by another…

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