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Apocalypse, Fear and Creating Reality

An aside:

Much is happening toward the riddance of major dark actors on this planet.  If you choose to focus on any of that, don’t wait to hear it in the mainstream media.  Follow the links on this blog to read what is said by people who do their best to ferret out the truth, still always using your own (intuitive) discernment, as to what to believe.  If you have suggestions for links to add, I’m open to considering them.  I like to hear what you think on any topic relevant to our New Earth and Transformation of ourselves and societies.

Here is an article showing progress in clearing away dark ones, if you can’t stay away from the news—a hopeful article:

Angel Self

From here on, I’ll call my Higher Self my Angel Self, to call attention to the fact that we are actors of God—Source living a multi-dimensional life, as physical and astral bodies, personality, mind, Divine Ego, Soul and Over Soul(s).  We are a complex conglomerate whole, one part not being separate from another.

A Note on 5D ~ Distractions and Creating Disease

My Angel Self has been urging me to write a post about Fear for a few weeks, now.  I’m an undisciplined person and easily distracted, even more so in our New Earth environment.  We are beginning to “live in the now”.  One symptom of that is getting up to do one thing, then forgetting all about it and doing something else.  I go for a fork and end up playing the piano.  I sit here at my computer, occasionally casting my eyes across the back yard for butterflies, birds and clouds, watching everything turn brown from lack of rain and leaves dropping early.  I see a bird, grab the binoculars, and all else is forgotten.  I think that is a good thing, as long as I do eventually get back to it.

One distraction of late has been subconscious fear of having to go forward in life without Jerry.  Don’t worry.  It’s just that he had not been clear that he has chosen to stay in New Earth, youthing, instead of dropping body to come in as a New Kid.  He was to have a couple of small operations.   I was not aware of my fear, though I would occasionally tear up when we spoke of the situation.  I’d not read the material he gave me so that I’d understand and not fear.  Instead I got sciatica, to make it difficult, literally, to walk forward.  When I asked myself why I created that dis-ease, I understood the psychological reason.  I also read the medical material.  That gave some release, as did a few chiropractic, then osteopathic adjustments.  Since he’s had the operations and is recovering quickly, my back is getting better every day, too.

We must not agree to keeping such a condition and define ourselves as having it.  In 5D, we are learning to take responsibility for staying healthy, not just by exercise and diet, but by guiding our thoughts.  Understanding the subconscious is a good way to do that.  OR, we can simply take care to keep our vibrations high by focusing on the positive.  A person in high frequency cannot create disease.  Of course, our vibratory levels are not, as yet, consistently high, even when generally they are.

Meanwhile, I noticed that several other people had gotten the message about Fear and they did write about it.¹

The Apocalypse?

Apocalypse Means Revelation

It is of the upmost importance to keep our vibration as high as we are able while we are realizing New Earth.  It is impossible to do so while focusing on the probability of the kind of Apocalypse defined as Earth catastrophes.

We create that upon which we focus.

We must not focus on what we do not want, as we are in the midst of creating a New Earth the way we desire it.  We must not focus on problems, personal or global.  Focus on their solutions or don’t think about them at all.

Expectations of Doom Are Not Correct

Most of the planet have such expectations, stemming from old, old prophecies and energies of history.  They spend much time looking into the details of predictions of doom:  what, where, when– and encouraging more people to fear it.  The fact is that when Nostradamus wrote his quatrains, and when John in Patmos saw the visions and wrote the message contained in the New Testament book of Revelation, that was the future Earth humanity was headed for.

At one time there were, unbeknownst to most, several timelines (multiverse paths) along which groups of Earth humans traveled.  Some were headed to blowing up the planet; some to Apocalyptic chaos and demise; some would rise to a new fifth dimensional (5D) plane, while most stayed in the 3D world of doom.

There is one fact that today’s doomsayers seem ignorant of:  our Free Will.  We have the freedom to create our own individual and collective realities and we have used that ability to en-Light-en ourselves, choose Freedom, and sway our planetary future away from doom.  With our Free Will, strengthened by Transformational energies, as Earth rose in vibratory frequency to be 5D, the many timelines were combined mostly into two:  one which was in third density with people acting as they did in 3D; one was in 4th density with people working on 5D self-improvements.  Both of those timelines solidified in Earth’s fifth dimensional space.

This happened by 2014, so it became New Earth year 0001, to those in Providence (the Heavenly or Higher dimensions of existence) who don’t count the chaotic 2013.  That left no possibility of a 3D Apocalyptic end of civilization.  Light had won.  We are now in year 0003.  The only possible Apocalypse for us is the one which is now imminent–a Revelation, which is the original meaning of the word Apocalypse.  Truths are about to be revealed; most especially, Inner Truths.

Dolores Cannon was the world’s foremost expert on Nostradamus’ predictions.  Yet she came to see that none of it was going to happen.  Nostradamus had put out the warning to impress upon humanity that we had to change, or else.  And we did.

Dolores Cannon

Conversation With Nostradamus

How do the false beliefs of global Earth catastrophe affect us?

First of all, we create our own lives according to our beliefs.  Secondly, dire to understand, the collective false belief in doom, though it CANNOT materialize into actual apocalyptic wipe out, could set back our progress toward the paradise of New Earth by generations.

Being in Fear Is Not a High Vibration

I was appalled to hear the fear mongering coming from very spiritual people who are supposedly generally of high vibration.

I tell you that no one can remain in high vibration while mulling over, praying about, and spreading expectations of the worst catastrophic events they can think of!!

Spread Your Understanding of Our Magical, Wonderful Future

That’s what we must do, those of us who do see the Light of New Earth future.  It’s not just for meditations.  Live with vibration of knowing that coming to everyone is no reason to fear, complete health, infinite abundance, happy and helpful society, love of all people and all Creation.

Stay clear of fears and your life can only be joyful!


  1. Kathy Ann has written a great article on Processing Fear.

Loving Life on Earth ~ Processing Fear

2. Daniel Scranton has channeled an important message from the Pleiadian High Council:

Choose Love Over Fear ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

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  1. Great article Rosalie. Seems you and I have gone through a most recent similar incident with our husbands — yours having surgery and mine needing life-saving medicine. The thought of my husband not being here with me and the kids and later for our grand kids scared me and fear crept in. I have been successful in clearing the fear and helping him to understand the importance of his thoughts in creating everything in his life, including this illness. His medicine is on its way and it is what HE needs in order to change the beliefs of his illness. I, on the other hand, do not rely on pharmaceutical medicine but rather on my beliefs. Some people believe in those little pills and that is okay.

    I am glad your husband is better and on the recovery road and you are too. It’s interesting how you created that illness which prevented you from literally moving forward and so glad that your husband has decided to stay with you. I suppose he decided one year of marriage with you is not enough – love is grand!

    Thank you for the reference. Sending hugs and love to the two of you.

    Kathy Ann

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks. I’m glad you liked the article, especially since I admire your beautiful blog.

    It is very interesting to be experiencing such close parallels. I’m glad your husband will have his medicine and be on the road to wellness and a LONG stay in New Earth. Blessings and refortifications to YOU.

    You’re very sweet, Kathy Ann. Completing the channel of love between us and you two. XXO No more fears. ❤



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