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Happy in New Earth

I’ve been asked by new readers to give a statement about where we stand in New Earth.  The first thing you must know is that since about the end of  2012, you have been living in the New Earth.  2013 is not counted by those watching from other dimensions, planets, and suns, because it was very chaotic.  They count 2014 as year 1, so 2016 is year 3 of New Earth.

No one has been left behind.  The 3D (three-dimensional) Earth did not split into a 3D Earth and a 5D New Earth, as had been expected by some.  The soul of every Earth person decided that they would “ascend”  to New Earth.  That ascension doesn’t mean to rise in the air and disappear into a higher dimension of Earth, but to increase the energetic vibration of our multidimensional selves:  physical, astral, mental, intuitive and higher levels of ourselves.  We had and still have a mix of vibrations exhibited on Earth.  Therefore, the further development of New Earth was slowed, to allow everyone to progress at their own pace.

Though there was no dimensional Earth split, some noticed that we did split into two groups:  those more positive and those more negative.  The two didn’t mingle much.  That division even caused many relationships to break.  Families parted to various degrees.  As people change, so do their choices.  Many changed careers or jobs, or moved to other homes or states.  Several physical symptoms from the changes were reported.  You can Google “transformation symptoms” or “ascension symptoms”.

Different types of cosmic energies from the sun and other constellations began hitting us, and bouncing back from Earth’s center.  Actually, those energies began noticeably in 2000 and picked up in time frequency and impact, hitting hard as we approached 2012, then continued, occurring especially with each major astrological event.  They changed even entities like bacteria, plasmas, and the invisible parts of ourselves.  They affected DNA.  Yes, our DNA has been upgraded by the energies and with help from beings on higher planes, especially during our sleep.  Some of the “junk” DNA was activated, so that we can hold more Light, Love more, and Live long, healthy lives.

The qualities of those energies varied over time, to rid Earth and us of much negativity.  We began awakening to feel more spiritual.  We recalled hurtful memories and let them go.  We became more tolerant and forgave more easily.  We began to easily see the control system that was strangling us.  Hidden things came to light in societies.  People no longer will allow such things.  The controllers lost power and are almost gone.  “Powers That Were,” they are called.  Many people now experience extrasensory perceptions, “psychic”, “seeing”, intuition or healing abilities.  In fact, we will all develop those abilities over time.

People began to channel instructive and encouraging messages to us from Archangels, Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, people of other planets, and beings from higher realms who are assisting us in our Transformation.  Some of us had the same thoughts that those channels messaged.  Such thoughts could come from telepathic communications of those beings or from our own Higher Selves.  You are much more than a body with a brain.  Your Higher Self is the Conscious entity that you are, and now you are beginning to live as that Higher Self.  That is what Jesus, the Buddhas and other great prophets, healers, teachers and wise ones did, and what we all do now.  It is the most defining of New Earth evolutionary changes.  You will learn more about our multidimensional selves over time, and hopefully we’ll come to agreement on terminology.

Lately, we feel calmer.  Do you feel it?  Intuitive messages describe new energies as being so.  I sometimes post my interpretation of Gaia Portal messages about Earth energies.  Those posts describe the changing qualities and effects of the energies.  We are now being gently shaken and nudged forward in our Transformations.

Increasing numbers and sizes of spacecrafts have been spotted, recorded, photographed, even on NASA recordings—unidentified, but definitely from ET friends.  We are being protected and they are awaiting the opportunity to communicate openly with us.  That will happen when it is no longer dangerous—for THEM.

In the background, not publicized by the controlled mainstream media, steps are being taken to remove the negative Cabal controllers from power over all societal systems.  They know it is over for them, and are desperately trying to negotiate.

We’ve had assistance in ridding ourselves of the controlling Cabal.  Now, it is up to us, with free will, to create our own new ways of New EarthWe have a lot of work to do, such as creating new People-controlled governments, bringing back our free Republic; creating fair and sane social systems and developing new technologies.

A big way that we are helped is by people passing away (dropping body, transitioning) and coming back as New Kids, DNA upgraded, “past life” memories in tact.  They bring New Earth attitudes, ideas, systems, inventions, teachings and vibrations.  In that way, they push us all forward.  Many of the kids are Old Souls—those who’ve been on Earth for tens of thousands of years, or more.  Other Old Souls will remain in their current incarnation to give welcomed guidance as elders.

I think the most exciting change in New Earth is learning and teaching that we each create our own reality and share parts of it.  We already do so, willy nilly, unknowingly.  Now, we’ll do it consciously.  That is often called Law of Attraction.  It isn’t fluff, but rather, the next developmental lesson, once we’ve learned to love all of Creation.  It’s physics.  That’s why I’m working on it and why I talk about it.

I still call 2016 the Year of Better and Better, with the best yet to come.  That will continue for many years.  What a wonderful time to live through!


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  1. Those still watching Mainstream News would be surprised that the world isn’t ending tomorrow! Good to see you posting again. Even if we are in 5D we are pulling parts of ourselves out of 3D still. Many of us are working on getting out Logical Side out of 3D… after all the lies we were told at School (which might have been true in 3D, but in 5D are understood best as lies) it is a long process.

    I posted about this today, identifying the process where we let go of Logic to enter 5D and then go back to get it. We meet in the 4D, and tell the Logical side of us about exopolitics and the like to pull it further and further away from 3D thinking.


    • That seems to match how I see it, Peace Lovely. People have expected that a finger would snap and all would be presented to us, with no “time” and little effort. I like the way you put it and will take a look at your post asap.

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  2. Dear Rosalie Parker ,

    Vonjoir ven ne mei , Miss Parker

    You post explanding that we now stand in this new earth ?…..

    Let Me , a sure you that we are not…..

    The numeralicales says the opposite , fore which at the same time it , is also ovidiest old earth , is in which what we are standing on for which , is in trouble struggling for life which fore the scent , of smelling , of the death , of earth , is still presently upon this old earth…..

    The earth does have the scents , of life that fore which the people’s have not expeirence in like a one hundred year’s……


    The Golden New Age hopefully on schedule this summer , of 2016 twenty-sixteen , of july , with the fall , of the cabal’s with financials , the dollars , loans , political , religions , comes the shift’s, of weather’s , sorts for which comes massively , of EARTH QUICKTIMES OF THE WHOLE WILL EXPERIENCE EARTHQUAKES OF MOTHER PLANET EARTH THROUGH OUT ALL OF ONE TIME , OF DURING THE SHIFTING’S AND THE ALTERING’S WILL TAKE PLACE….

    Fore you all well see that well remain , is four thousand , of the humanity’s and then comes the new earth and within the newness of scents and sounds never heard before…….

    Fore which you will then meet a see all the Galactic Being’s Of Light’s Whom Are The Angels with Wing’s and Golden Halo’s that a Glow….

    You will meet with the head ANGELE’ AND HER HEAD ANGEL MAN , she and him , is the Coming Event my dear ……

    I’am the phyciy medium of this time comingforth fore which all light workers have been searching into waiting for too come forward to hear from about the truth , of all informational’s required into knowing all , of knowledgebase , of coming events spoken about fore so many years of light workers in need of to know , that I , Myelf , have been in waiting for the one light work person speak new earth…..

    My dear light worker , be so kind , of you to relate in return words written to Me , you’re MET ME ON LINE INTO THE E-MAILING’S ME THE , Only Truthfulness , Of Honest Spokenly Light Being , Of Thee Phyciy Medium Of The Light , fore which THAT, ( I’AM ‘ I’AM FOR I’AM WHAT I’AM ) ” I’AM” THEE ONE AND ONLY ONE , on this the planet mother earth…..

    In what givenly shared with you , in return you well give and share with all other’s of knowing caring light worker’s…….

    Miss Parker , is this an idealistic plan planely understood ? …..

    Marci bacoo ven ne’ mei Vonjoir’ ven ne ‘ mei Mademoiselle’ Antoinette Angele’ Turner’

    On Jul 9, 2016 7:46 AM, “Rosalie Parker ~ Wayshower for the New Earth” wrote:

    > Rosalie Parker posted: ” Happy in New Earth I’ve been asked by new readers > to give a statement about where we stand in New Earth. The first thing you > must know is that since about the end of 2012, you have been living in the > New Earth. 2013 is not counted by those watching ” >


  3. Thanks for sharing your differing opinion of New Earth status, dear Antoinette. I’m sorry that I simply have a different viewpoint and understanding. In my perspective, we have left old Earth behind; however, our movement to a more stable state–in ourselves, in nature, in Mother Earth–will take some time. Meanwhile, I foresee no imminent catastrophe that would expand further than a local event.



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