The Event

The Event ~ Part 5 of a Series

~ Current Perspective from Ron Head’s Subconscious and Suzanne Spooner as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Facilitator ~

The video below is the fifth message on “The Event” from Ron’s Subconscious / High Self during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session facilitated by Suzanne Spooner.

I’ve taken some time off to rest, restore, and re-prioritize my interests and work.  I couldn’t keep up with it all, and am glad to say that this blog ranks high on my list.  Thank you all who have remained followers in the meantime. ~Rosalie

If you aren’t familiar with Suzanne and Ron’s QHHT sessions and “The Event“, you’ll find links to my two posts of their first four sessions on the topic at the top of the front page of this blog (, on the featured articles above the big slider.  The article there currently furthest right has the first three videos in it (Do You Feel Like Something Is About to Happen)We Are IN the Event has their fourth Event session.

In the big picture slider, since Ron indirectly referred to it, I’ve featured “GREAT Transformation Expected in 2+ Years“, which contains a Sound Cloud recording of the announcement that “EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE” before our presidential election this fall!  Since that post, it has been clarified that, starting at that time, one thing after another will change—in positive ways.

Ron also refers to the other type of “Event” talked about, which is on the financial and social  level.  It was or is to be an event of mass arrests of those who have controlled us through banking and finance, religions, poison food, killer “medicines”, etc.  Just like Ron points out the mostly gradual nature of the Light Event, doing away with the dark controllers is already underway, and continues in its gradual process.

When The Event will happen and how fast things will improve depends on the speed of our individual and collective Expansion of Consciousness.  So we work on ourselves, wake up to how things are, and do what we can to help our own neighborhoods and neighbors (all beings).  And if you feel you have a mission to assist in wider ways, begin it.


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  1. Did you take the latest Matt Kahn challenge and say “Thank You,” to the monster with blood dripping down its teeth? I sent the Cabal not only a “Thank You,” but an “I Love You” or two. Time to Forgive ‘THEM’ whoever they are.

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    • I’m playing catch up on Matt’s videos and haven’t read the book. I have though, forgiven and feel love for the Cabal for playing their side of our game that provided us with so many lessons from which we’ve gained much wisdom. Thank you, sweet beautiful flower.

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